Mac Ride – The sleek, minimal design, with your child in front, ensures there is nothing between you and your greatest family adventures.



Mac Ride is a unique seat for children that goes on your bike between you and your handlebars. It is about you taking your child with you to explore the streets, the paths and off-road terrain. Mac Ride is strong, lightweight, ergonomic, easy to install, interactive and – perhaps most important of all – FUN!



There is a particular age at which children begin to want to do everything that their parents do, and yet they are not always physically capable. Everyone has seen kids riding on bike seats. The concept is nothing new. There are a vast number of commuter seats for children on the market and many of them are excellent for getting around the streets. But as a mountain biker and general outdoor enthusiast you need a seat that is also suitable for the trails.

Glen Dobson: “Drawing on my experience as an engineer, I designed a saddle that enables a child to benefit from the suspension already built into modern mountain bikes. I threw away the notion of a clunky moulded seat with shoulder straps, because they help to conduct the bumps of a trail through to the child. I allowed the child to sit as a rider sits, upright and independent, sharing the handlebars so the rider and child can truly adventure as a team.”

Are you interested? All what you need to know: Kickstarter: Mac Ride – A Unique Child’s Bike Seat for Riding Off-Road

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