Everyone was excited to try the new MAGURA Vyron, as its electronic wireless operation has taken dropper posts to the next level.

Here you’ll find our recent comparison test of the best mtb dropper post.

The post offers effortless wireless installation which takes less than a minute, and uses an ANT+ wireless remote control to operate the post. Once fitted, simply switch on to go and shred. For those worried about battery life, we found that it was at least one month of hard riding before needing a three-hour recharge. For those worried about sensitive electronics, we found the weather sealing on the post to be excellent, and even after repeated power washing we encountered no difficulties. If you’re running MAGURA eLECT suspension, then the remote control offers complete control over both the dropper and suspension together – a neat touch. The remote is secured by simple rubber bands, providing a tool-free installation, but we did find it a little less secure than an aluminium clamp.


Whereas the technology and ease of fitment is certainly overwhelming, on the trail the performance was not quite as mind-blowing. We found that when muddy or with wet hands, the small button on the remote is hard to locate without looking, and there is a frustrating small delay between pressing the button and the post starting to slide. You do get used to it, but it’s not as intuitive or instant as the others in the test.

The rest of the post is very well made, and we didn’t notice any reliability issues on the trail. Being wireless, the post can be easily moved from bike to bike, or removed for security. The battery in the seatpost is charged via USB, and the remote uses an easily obtainable CR2032 watch battery, which after three months is still going strong.

The MAGURA Vyron is certainly a glimpse of the future, and we are excited to see how it evolves – but to overcome its well-established rivals it needs a bigger, more ergonomic button and a faster response time.

Price: € 400 | Weight: 617 g | More info: magura.com

+ Plug and play installation
+ eLECT Controls for MAGURA suspension
Locking time lag is annoying
Requires charging

Here you’ll find our recent comparison test of the best mtb dropper post.

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