OneUp Components, well known for various upgrade-kits, extends their portfolio with a new sprocket for Shimano 11-speed cassettes – with a record breaking 45 teeth, increasing the gear range of the cassette by 12.5%.

Nur echt mit 45 Zähnen: Das neue Tuning-Ritzel von OneUp Components.
Record breaking 45 teeth: the new tuning sprocket from OneUp Components

The big, 45 tooth alloy sprocket comes with an additional 18-tooth sprocket made from steel, which replaces the 17t and 19t sprockets of the original cassette. This way, the cassette is divided into two sections with different areas of use. The sprocket mounts on a standard driver hub.

OneUp unterteilt die Kassette in zwei Bereich mit jeweils angepassten Gangsprüngen.
OneUp differs between two sections of the cassette.

The “Climbing-Section” of the cassette contains the sprockets with 21t to 45t and has smaller gear progression (13 % – 15% between two gears) to provide the exact gear for every climb. The “Descending-Section” (11t to 18t) has larger jumps to reduce double tap shifting and provide faster burst acceleration when mainly pumping not spinning down trails.

Das 45-Zähne-Ritzel erhöht die Entfaltung um 12,5% gegenüber der Standard-Kassette.
The 45t sprocket extends the total cassette rang by 12.5%.

The OneUp 45t sprocket can be ordered for $54 directly from the manufacturer, shipping will start on the 18th May 2015. Compared to the original setup, the upgraded cassette is 65 g heavier.

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Words: Martin Stöckl / Aaron Steinke Pictures: OneUp PR

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