As the successor to HERB 160, LAST introduces the preview of the new, 650b wheel-optimized, enduro bike. In addition to the new wheel size, there are numerous innovations and consequent enhancements of well-proven features.

Kinematic concept

The frame relies on the same, successful kinematic suspension concept as the predecessors HERB 160 and HERB AM to maximize grip, feedback, and efficiency. The kinematics are designed to combine sensitive beginning stroke behavior, good support throughout mid travel, and progression towards the end of travel to prevent bottoming out in one frame. These characteristics are achieved by the specific design of the linkage system and the positioning of the main pivot.
Geometry and frame sizes


To achieve the agility that is typical for LAST bikes with 650b wheels, we worked intensely on the design of the chainstays. As a result, we managed to inherit the length of the 26″ predecessor’s chainstay and keep it at 428mm.
Combined with the still flat steering angle, the slightly lowered bottom bracket, the somewhat longer reach, and the steeper seat angle, this means a sportive geometry that promotes safety and encour- ages fast riding.
All frames come with an extra low standover height which promotes safety on challenging terrain. At the same time, seat tubes have been shortened to allow bikers with shorter statures to use drop- per seat posts with wide adjustment ranges.
New to the product range are XL-sized frames for bikers with a body height of around 190cm and above.

Reduction of weight

In the course of redesigning all frame parts, reducing the weight while keeping strength, stiffness, and durability played a major role. The very noticeable reduction of weight was made possible by us- ing new aluminum alloys, special profiles, and increased processing effort for the CNC manufacturing of numerous components.

Durability and easy maintenance

The well-proven sealed cartridge bearings were not reduced in size, but are now even better protected against jets of water. The installation dimension of the dampers with its 216mm length and 63mm stroke offers a solid basis with a low transmission ratio, meaning that even long downhill rides will not cause thermal problems. Last, not least we continue to rely on easy to maintain threaded bottom brackets.

Fits large volume shocks such as the RockShox Vivid Air
Fits large volume shocks such as the RockShox Vivid Air

Compatibility with all current dampers

There is a lot of flexibility when choosing a damper since now even models fit that require a lot of space like the Rock Shox Vivid Air or the Cane Creek Double Barrel Air. Because of their large volume and numerous adjustment options, these dampers are best for bikers who are particularly downhill-oriented.

Bottle cage and frame details

A braze-on for bottle cages on the down tube has been added. International standard chain guide mount as well as the possibility to install the seat posts with internal cable routing, like the Reverb Stealth, are a matter of course. It is also possible to install the cable required for a remote controlled shock.

Shown here with the Cane Creek Double Barrel Air.
Shown here with the Cane Creek Double Barrel Air.

26″ compatibility

The frame can be easily adapted for 26″ which allows for the optional continued use of 26” forks and/or wheels. This is accomplished by changing the crank system a link and another small adaption which makes sure that 26“ components provide a good geometry with the suitable height of the bottom bracket and ideal steering angle.
Detailed information on the features yet to be announced, geometry, frame colors, and starting date of delivery will follow within the next few weeks.

Words & Photos: LAST Press Release

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