Ragley have been designing and producing rugged hardtails and components at reasonable prices in the UK since 2008. They have been working hard to reveal their new components for 2015, which are definitely not hardtail-specific! Here’s the press release:

Here at Ragley we are excited to announce that after many, many late nights and a lot of blood sweat and tears we are ready to release our all new range of bicycle components.


The new range marks a change in direction for us as a brand. Times change and change should be embraced. We are traditionally known for our range of hardcore steel hardtail frames with progressive geometry and although this will always remain core to our product range, (more news coming later in 2015) we wanted to embrace new riding styles and technology to develop the best components we could make. Our components range has traditionally been secondary to our frames and bikes but we decided it was time to give some serious love to our range of bars, stems, seatposts and saddles. The result is a range of award winning components that is at the cutting edge of design and manufacture. Components any rider would be proud to have on their bike.

Here is what our Brand Manager, Steven Jamison had to say about the new range:

“We have spent a lot of time working on the new range of components for 2015. The components market is a fairly saturated one so in order to make sure that ours stood out from the crowd we took an approach which focused on attention to detail, performance and value. Everyone will have their own opinion but I think the new products illustrate that we mean for people to take us seriously as a components brand.”

See below for range highlights:

Wiser Carbon Bar


“The new Carbon Wiser Bar is built for the serious AM rider that wants a bar built for strength, durability and comfort; all in one lightweight package. It is constructed using a super durable and tough custom carbon composite layup; featuring glass fibre reinforcement technology, making this bar is the strongest, toughest and lightest riser bar we have ever made. This bar is max load tested to over half a tonne!”

  • 760mm Wide
  • 9 deg backsweep, 5 degree upsweep
  • Rise Options: 10 or 25mm
  • Finish – UD Carbon with Matt laquer top coat
  • Weight: 220g (10mm Rise option)
  • RRP – £99.99

Wiser Alloy Bar


“Constructed from 7075-T6 Alloy the new Wiser bars have All-Mountain strength but weigh in at a trail bike friendly 300g. They feature a sensible width of 760mm which will suit most riders out of the box without the need for cutting them down, although we have included cut mark graphics just in case. This, combined with 9/5 geometry and a choice of 3 rises (Super low 10mm, mid rise 25mm or high rise 35mm) results in an extremely comfortable bar with a great feel on the trail.”

  • 760mm Wide
  • 9 deg backsweep, 5 degree upsweep
  • Rise Options: 10, 25 + 38mm
  • Finish – Masked/shot-peened/polished
  • Weight: 300g (10mm Rise option)
  • RRP – £39.99

“Our new Low 10mm option was developed to replace the need for a flat handlebar which inherently does not have any upsweep. Our new 10mm option fills the gap; featuring as low-rise as possible whilst keeping proper up and back sweep. Bars with no upsweep just don’t feel right so we now have a super low bar that feels great yet still allows you to run a slammed front end”

We decided that the best way to approach cockpit design is to look at it holistically. Our stems and bars can be used independently of one another but for best results we like to use the two together:

“We designed the new Ragley Wiser bars together with the Stubbing stem to make sure you get a no compromise set up that is designed to work as one. To emphasise this they both feature beautiful matching masked/shot-peened/polished finish and graphics that complement one another.”

Stubbing Stem


The Stubbing stem is CNC’d from a solid billet of 7075-T6 alloy to ensure maximum strength with minimal weight and flex. This combined with our ‘Lock-Down’ clamping system; avoids any problems with uneven tensioning across the faceplate and makes for a super stiff front end set up!

It has a zero rise and a low stack height of 30mm to keep your front end low, making it perfect for those with 27.5” or 29” wheels or even those with short fork steerer tubes

We have always believed in frames with long front centres and the use of short stems. For 2015 the stubbing stem is available shorter than ever before, we now offer a super short 40mm option for aggressive riders who lives for the descents!

  • Sizes: 40, 50 + 60mm
  • Zero Degree Rise/30mm Stack
  • Finish – Masked/shot-peened/polished
  • Weight: 147g (40mm option)
  • RRP – £44.99

Tracker Saddle


“The tracker is all about comfort. Weighing in at a sensible 250g, the Tracker saddle strikes the ideal balance between lightweight and comfort with a good amount of padding to ensure all day comfort.

Weight is kept down with Crn/Ti Alloy rails as standard. These are connected to the shell via ArcTech suspension Technology: a system that allows for more base and rail flexibility, reducing trail buzz feedback to the rider.

To further optimise comfort the Tracker features a High Density foam fill and a double density Nylon fiber injected base that is designed to flex under your sit bones and at the edges for pedalling efficiency. It also has a rising rear profile to support the pelvis and prevent back pain, a cut-out on the bottom and channel on the top to relieve pressure on your “sensitive bits” and promote circulation on even the longest of rides.

  • Size: 277x142mm
  • Lightweight Ti rails as standard
  • Weight: 250g
  • RRP – £39.99

For full details on these products and more, visit our brand new Ragley website

Words & Photos Ragley PR

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