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The Lab: NF DP4 Team Black

The NF DP4 Team pants are the latest edition to the portfolio of the fledgling brand from Vancouver. In addition to a slim fit and low-key look, they should also perform well on cold days. Born at the foot of the legendary North Shore, we put the pants through the wringer on our perhaps slightly less impressive home trails.

NF DP4 Team Black | Weight 492 g | Price € 188.95 | Manufacturer’s website

The folks at NF have heard the cries of the style gods calling for a pair of all-black trousers, delivering pure understatement with the DP4 Team Black. In addition to the fabric, the logos are also kept in glossy black, making for a very stylish pair of trousers. If you prefer something a little less discreet, you can choose between black, purple or beige with white logos. The restrained elegance of the all-black model also underlines the cut: the DP 4 Team Black is skinnier than comparable models from other brands, providing a fairly race-like fit. The trousers have a rubber waistband, easily allowing you to adjust the fit. Thanks to its generous width, the waistband doesn’t get annoying, dig in or chafe. The trousers provide several pockets. There’s no zipper on the top pockets, but they’re very deep, so you don’t have to worry about losing any valuable items. If you prefer playing it safe, you can store your essentials in the slightly smaller pocket on the right. This is secured by a zipper and proved to be big enough to house our smartphones.

No zipper, no problem!
Thanks to the deep pockets, you don’t have to worry about losing your belongings despite the lack of a zipper.
Pretty stylish:
the NF DP 4 Team Black keeps things low-key without striking colours or logos. It’s only on closer inspection that you will recognise the subtle glossy black branding.

The material that the NF DP4 Team Black pants are made of isn’t the most flexible on the market. It almost feels like neoprene, though it seems relatively robust and showed no signs of visible wear even after several crashes. Another positive side effect of the thicker material is its water-repellent properties. But things tend to get quite hot and sweaty inside the pants, especially on warmer days. Note: if you put your phone into one of the pockets with the display facing inwards and things get sweaty, it’ll often result in pocket dials and the like. So, if you don’t want to accidentally call your boss on a Sunday, it’s better to have the display facing outwards.

The slightly water repellent fabric is perfect for those wet fall days.

Their moisture resistance and the rather thick fabric make these trousers the perfect companion for spring and autumn rides. On warm summer days, we’d advise going with something offering more ventilation.

The NF DP4 Team Black is a robust, stylish and functional pair of trousers. They deliver with their low-key look and thoughtful features such as the wide waistband, and practical, deep pockets. Due to the rather thick material, the trousers are perfect for the misty and wet conditions you’ll encounter on Vancouver’s North Shore, though they fare just as well on our home trails in the Spring and Autumn. They’re the ideal combination of form and function!


  • low-key looks
  • practical features like the wide waistband
  • perfect for cold weather


  • lacks adequate ventilation in warm weather

Tester Peter Walker & Simon Kohler
Test duration 4 months
Price € 188.95
Weight 492 g
More information Manufacturer’s website

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Words: Felix Rauch Photos: Mike Hunger