No end in sight! With the 2024 Norco Sight, the Canadian manufacturer promises to cover a wide range of applications. For the latest iteration of their trail all-rounder, Norco rely on a high pivot rear suspension design, which can already be found on several of their long-travel bikes. We put the new Sight through the wringer to see how much it can handle, from fast-paced post work laps to adrenaline-fuelled enduro races.

Norco Sight C1 2024 | 160/150 mm (f/r) | 29” | 16.2 kg (S4) | € 8,499 | Manufacturer’s website

Having launched their high pivot Aurum DH bike back in 2017, Norco can be considered amongst the pioneers of the modern high pivot suspension concept. Following that, the Canadian manufacturer applied the same suspension design to their freeride bike, the Norco Shore, as well as for the latest version of their enduro rig, the 2023 Range. Now they’ve done it again, and used a high-pivot suspension design for the latest iteration of their trail bike, the Sight. While they were at it, they also released a brand-new version of their lightweight trail bike, the Norco Optic, which combines 140/125 mm of travel. The new iterations of the Sight and Optic look uncannily similar, and also share countless features, including the high-pivot rear suspension design. Simply put, the system places the main pivot point higher above the chainring, allowing the rear axle (and thus the wheel) to rotate up in an arc with a rearward axle path, meaning that when the wheel contacts an obstacle, it rotates upwards and backwards, instead of upwards and forwards like most low pivot suspension systems. If you want to know more about the characteristics of high pivot rear suspension concepts, you should read part two of our Underneath the Voodoo article.

The Sight’s high pivot rear suspension generates 150 mm of travel, paired with a 160 mm fork, which should make it suitable for most riding scenarios, from leisurely post-work laps to rowdy bike park sessions, and even tough weekend enduro stages. The new 2024 Sight is available both as a full 29er and as a mullet bike with a smaller 27.5″ wheel at the rear. However, you can also change the wheel size configuration afterwards using Norco’s optional Missing Link kit and adapts the bike’s geometry and suspension kinematics to the respective wheel size. For this test, Norco sent the Sight C1 spec variant, which retails at € 8,499 and rolls on 29″ wheels, tipping the scales at 16.2 kg.

The 2024 Norco Sight in detail

Where’s the point in having the fanciest bike on the planet if it doesn’t suit your needs and anatomy? That’s exactly the question Norco’s engineers asked themselves when developing the Ride Aligned system. And you don’t even have to download an app for your setup: just open the Norco website – just like we did! After punching in the details about our test bike, the rider’s height, riding style, riding position, trail morphology and the desired suspension behaviour, the system gave us very accurate setup recommendations, including sensible suggestions for tire pressure and cockpit setup. While some of these recommendations might seem small and superfluous, they’re crucial to the bike’s overall performance on the trail. We’ve already been able to test the new beta version of the Ride Aligned system, which goes live with the release of the new 2024 Norco Sight.

Our Norco Sight 2024 C1 test bike comes in a subdued green/white paint finish and looks refreshingly understated, despite the eye-catching high pivot rear suspension system. This is partly due to the seamless integration of the idler pulley, which is neatly tucked away inside the chainstay. Another nice detail is that the idler pulley is made of stainless steel, which, according to Norco, not only looks fancy but should last as long as the rest of the drivetrain.

Norco integrated the idler pulley seamlessly into the chainstay. Moreover, the pulley is made of stainless steel, which ensures a long service life.

The cables are routed internally and disappear into the frame through conventional cable ports. However, only the ports on the down tube are clamped, and a long section of brake hose runs exposed between the main frame and swingarm, resulting in an annoying rattling noise on the trail. Unfortunately, not even the protective film on our test bike seemed to help. On top of that, the cables rattle slightly against the handlebars, though this can easily be prevented with a couple of zip ties.

The cables rattle not only against the handlebars, where a simple zip tie could easily solve the problem…
…but also at the transition between the main frame and swingarm – annoying!

Tuning tip: Tires with softer rubber compound at the front

A generously sized down tube protector shields the frame against stray rocks and is complemented by a shuttle guard, which is almost mandatory for a Canadian bike. Chunky rubber protectors on the seat and chainstays prevent chain slap and paint chips.

There’s enough room in the main frame for a big water bottle, and according to Norco, even the smallest frame size accommodates a big 750 ml bottle. Moreover, there’s a tool mount on the underside of the top tube, which allows you to carry a multitool directly on the frame and leave your backpack at home. That said, Norco have not yet jumped on the storage compartment bandwagon.

The chainstay protector effectively prevents chain slap.
Although the new Norco doesn’t have a storage compartment, you can easily attach your trail essentials directly to the frame using the tool mount.

The spec of our 2024 Norco Sight C1

Retailing at € 8,499, the Norco Sight C1 is the second most expensive model in the new 2024 Sight range. For your money you’ll get top-tier FOX suspension consisting of a 36 Factory GRIP2 fork and matching DHX2 Factory coil shock, both of which offer countless adjustment options and deliver a tremendous performance on the trail. Norco rely on an adjustable SPRINDEX spring in the shock, rather than the standard FOX coil, which allows you to adapt the spring rate to your needs and requirements just by turning the lower plastic ring. Like with conventional springs, the spring rate must be chosen according to your weight, because the adjustment range is rather small. If you get it right, however, the SPRINDEX spring allows you to fine-tune the rear suspension even more thoroughly – nice!

The FOX Factory suspension is quick and easy to adjust on the trail.
Moreover, the adjustable Sprindex spring allows you to adapt the spring rate to suit your needs and requirements.

Shifting is taken care of by an electronic SRAM Eagle Transmission drivetrain consisting of an X0 rear derailleur coupled with cheaper GX components, including the cassette, chain and crankset. While the fancy rear derailleur might look great on the shop floor, it doesn’t add to the bike’s shifting performance and only saves a few grams. Norco also fit a bash guard with integrated chain guide to protect the chainring and prevent the chain from falling off.

For the wheels, Norco rely on a Stan’s NoTubes Flow S2 alloy wheelset and MAXXIS tires, combining a Minion DHF at the front and a Minion DHR ll at the rear, both in the fast-rolling MaxxTerra rubber compound and EXO+ casing. We recommend upgrading to the softer MaxxGrip rubber compound at the front, which has slightly more rolling resistance but generates significantly more traction. Moreover, the thin EXO+ casing doesn’t do justice to the bike’s potential, so while you’re at it, you should change to the more robust Doubledown casing, at least at the rear, as this offers more puncture resistance and prevents you from damaging the wheels.

Shifting is taken care of by a robust SRAM Transmission drivetrain.
The bash guard protects the chainring from nasty impacts while a chain guide prevents the chain from falling off.

Tuning tip: More robust Doubledown casing at the rear

SRAM CODE Silver Stealth brakes provide reliable and powerful deceleration, and are paired with a big 200 mm rotor at the front and small 180 mm disc at the rear. However, the brake lines run close to handlebars, rattling against them on rougher trails. At the same time, the small 180 mm rear rotor doesn’t do justice to the potential of the bike – it overheats quickly, resulting in an inconsistent bite point.

For the cockpit, Norco rely on 800 mm DEITY Ridgeline alloy handlebars, which we cut down to 780 mm after a few laps, following the Ride Aligned system’s recommendations. The OneUp Components Dropper Post V2.1 is paired with an ergonomic remote – we’ve had great experiences with this dropper in the past. Frame sizes S3 and S4 come with 210 mm travel, while the biggest frames have a massive 240 mm dropper post. Despite the significant length, the dropper can still be fully inserted into the seat tube.

SRAM CODE Silver Stealth brakes provide reliable, powerful deceleration, but the small 180 mm rear rotor tends to overheat quickly on long descents and with heavier riders.
We’ve already had plenty of good experiences with the OneUp dropper post. With a stroke of 210 mm, it also offers lots of freedom of movement.

Norco Sight C1 2024

€ 8,499


Fork FOX 36 Factory GRIP2 160 mm
Rear Shock FOX DHX2 Factory 150 mm
Seatpost OneUp Dropper Post V2 210 mm
Brakes SRAM CODE Silver Stealth 200/180 mm
Drivetrain SRAM Eagle GX Transmission 1x12
Stem Norco CNC Alloy 40 mm
Handlebar Deity Ridgeline 800 mm
Wheelset Stan’s NoTubes Flow S2 29"
Tires MAXXIS Minion DHF MaxxTerra EXO+/DHR II MaxxTerra EXO+ 2.5"/2.4"

Technical Data

Size S1 S2 S3 S4 S5

Specific Features


The different spec variants of the 2024 Norco Sight

Norco spoil you with choices, offering the new 2024 Norco Sight in a total of six different spec variants, in two different wheel size configurations – as a full 29er or as a mullet bike. Every spec variant and wheel size has its own dedicated paint finish. Alongside the C1 variant we tested, there are three more carbon models. The flagship Sight C SE model retails at C$ 12,999 and comes equipped with electronic RockShox Flight Attendant suspension and a SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission drivetrain.

The two cheaper variants also feature RockShox suspension. With the € 6,599 Norco Sight C2, you’ll get a top-tier Lyrik Ultimate fork with matching Vivid Ultimate air shock and a mixed SRAM 12-speed drivetrain with GX, NX and SX components. The Norco Sight C3, on the other hand, retails at € 4,999 and comes equipped with a more affordable Lyrik Select fork and Vivid Select+ shock. Shifting is taken care of by a Shimano DEORE drivetrain.

If you’re into metal but still want a top spec, you should take a closer look at the Norco Sight A1 alloy model, which retails at € 4,999 and comes equipped with a Lyrik Ultimate fork and RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate coil shock. SRAM also supply the electronic SRAM GX Eagle Transmission drivetrain. The Norco Sight A2 is the second highest alloy spec variant and features FOX Performance suspension and a Shimano SLX drivetrain, retailing at € 4,199.

If none of the complete builds meets your expectations, the Sight is also available as a frame kit. This comes standard with a RockShox Vivid Ultimate air shock and costs C$ 2,399 (alloy) and € 3,999 (carbon), respectively. All frame kits come standard with the Missing Link kit for mullet conversions, so you can simply try out both and find out which one suits you better – awesome!

*At the time of its official launch, the new 2024 Norco Sight was only available in some parts of Europe, which is why there are no final Euro prices yet – hence the Canadian prices in test

The geometry of the 2024 Norco Sight

The 2024 Norco Sight is available in five different sizes, S1 to S5 – simple! This kind of sizing is becoming increasingly popular, and encourages you to choose the frame based on your desired reach rather than a conventional S to XL basis. If you’re unsure which size suits you best, you can consult Norco’s website for sizing recommendations. However, these are on the big side of the spectrum, with frame size S4 covering riders between 178 cm and 188 cm tall. That said, the Sight in S4 already has a very generous 497.5 mm reach, which corresponds roughly to a size XL for most other manufacturers. If you’re sitting on the fence between two sizes, we recommend downsizing. The seat tube is nice and short across the board, which, together with its generous insertion depth, allows you to choose from at least two frame sizes without losing the ability to get your saddle out of the way on the descents.

Overall, the Sight has very modern geometry, combining 645 mm stack height and a slack 64° head tube angle. The chainstays grow with the frame size in 4 mm increments, which is meant to ensure consistent handling across all sizes. On our test bike, chainstay length is 438 mm, and grows considerably as the suspension compresses, already gaining a few millimetres at sag.

Size S1 S2 S3 S4 S5
Top tube 565 mm 589 mm 613 mm 637 mm 661 mm
Seat tube 350 mm 370 mm 385 mm 430 mm 445 mm
Head tube 105 mm 115 mm 125 mm 135 mm 145 mm
Head angle 64° 64° 64° 64° 64°
Seat angle 77° 77.25° 77.5° 77.75° 78°
Chainstay 426 mm 430 mm 434 mm 438 mm 442 mm
BB Drop 25/25 mm 25/25 mm 25/25 mm 25/25 mm 25/25 mm
Wheelbase 1,186 mm 1,219 mm 1,253 mm 1,286 mm 1,319 mm
Reach 422,5 mm 447,5 mm 472,5 mm 497,5 mm 522,5 mm
Stack 618 mm 627 mm 636 mm 645 mm 654 mm

The 2024 Norco Sight 2024 C1 on the trail

When you swing your leg over the saddle, the 2024 Norco Sight C1 places you in a slightly stretched, sporty pedalling position, which is mainly due to the long reach. However, the Norco is pretty comfortable overall, proving suitable for long days in the saddle too. Despite the high front end, the front wheel always remains planted on the ground, thus revealing the bright side of the long, stretched position. As a result, the Norco implements steering input with great precision. The active rear suspension bobs slightly, providing a high level of comfort and generating tons of traction on technical climbs. On long gravel ramps, however, we often ended up activating the easily accessible climb switch on the shock.

When you drop into a trail to shred your way back into the valley, the first thing you’ll notice is the long reach and high front end, which ensure a well integrated, albeit slightly stretched riding position. The Sight is easy and intuitive to ride, with the high stack preventing dreaded OTB moments on steep descents, and inspiring huge amounts of confidence in the process – so far, so good. However, when cornering, you’ll have to actively weight the front wheel to generate traction.

The rear suspension of the 2024 Norco Sight offers plenty of support, allowing you to build up tons of speed by pumping through rollers and berms. At the same time, it has enough pop to spontaneously take off into the air from smaller kickers, like dead tree stumps. On natural trails with rocks and roots, the Norco Sight 2024 feels nicely composed and inspires huge amounts of confidence. This is mainly due to the long reach and supple suspension, which generates tons of traction and at the same time skilfully absorbs impacts. The suspension has plenty of reserves, bailing you out when you get too excited, whether you botch a landing or come into a rock garden a little too hot. That said, the Sight doesn’t have the reserves of a full-fat enduro bruiser, although it reminds you of one at times. The suspension also provides good feedback from the ground, letting you know what’s happening underneath you. However, when the trail gets narrower and slower, the massive reach shows its dark side, requiring great physical effort to pull the bike around tight corners.

Who should take a closer look at the 2024 Norco Sight C1?

The new Norco Sight C1 is a great match for those riders who are looking for a downhill-oriented all-rounder but want to take it easy uphill, meaning they don’t care too much about maximum climbing efficiency. It’s also a good option for if you’re looking for a companion for relaxed post-work rides on your home trails, or solitary singletrack adventures. At the same time, the Norco Sight doesn’t shy away from bike park laps or epic shuttling sessions. The intuitive, confidence-inspiring handling make it a suitable option for both beginners and experienced riders, whereby the latter will be delighted with the capable suspension!

Our conclusions about the 2024 Norco Sight C1

Even before you swing your leg over the saddle, the Norco cuts a fine figure with the Ride Aligned system. Riding uphill, the Sight impresses with a comfortable pedalling position and encourages you to embark on epic backcountry adventures, provided you have the stamina to compensate for the bobbing rear end. As long as the trail back down into the valley doesn’t get too tight, the Norco Sight puts a massive grin on your face with its all-round potential, regardless of whether you ride on flowing trails or rough natural singletrack.


  • Good all-rounder
  • Potent suspension
  • Ride Aligned system is super practical


  • Cables rattle loudly
  • Not exactly a mountain goat

For more information visit Norco’s website.

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Words: Sebastian Dirscherl Photos: Peter Walker