Today’s world (in many respects) is better than ever; we have more access to information and a far vaster choice of products than ever before. But this makes it increasingly difficult to find the really good stuff. With the Design & Innovation Award, we therefore made it our mission to help orientate consumers by selecting the world’s best and most innovative products.

Snapped chains, cracked frames, broken wheels, punctures and worn out tires. In the name of science, we’ve pushed the latest products (and sometimes ourselves) to the very limit – and often beyond. 16 full days of in-the-field testing, nightlong discussions, countless hours in the workshop and in front of the laptop – over 6,000 working hours have flowed in the testing process and the preparation of the award results!

Explore all the winners and all of our findings in our first-ever special issue. As usual, for free and interactive. 2017’s greatest gear in one place – there’s no better way to see what everybody will be talking about this year!

… and there’s more!

The Design & Innovation Award aims to go beyond purely providing meaningful and honest product recommendations: How much innovation do we actually need? Are E-MTBs really going to usurp conventional mountain bikes in the near future? (spoiler: yes, they are!).

This special issue isn’t here to merely spark some new perspectives, mix in some critical questions or give unique glimpses into the industry, but also highlight and analyze future trends.

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