When was the last time you did something crazy? I mean, totally crazy. If you’re rubbing your beard trying to remember, then shame on you. This issue is here to give you that much-needed shake-up. Spontaneity is what keeps life exciting; those times when you’re riding high on moments that have caught you completely by surprise and spark the coolest, impromptu adventures.

Our mate Daniel can confirm, as along with two of his best mates, They ditched cold Germany in favour of a summer in New Zealand. Relying on a cramped and beaten-up old van, they spent months exploring the life and the trails Down Under. Check out the story for a marginally cleaner, reader-friendly version of those months in New Zealand.


But whether you’ve got concrete plans or not, you definitely need the right companion. This issue comes with a jam-packed trail bike group test including nine super hot bikes suitable for superheroes. Find out which all-rounder is the batmobile and which one will dilute your super powers.


However, super powers are all well and good but sometimes a bit of reliability goes a long way – imagine taking an unknown corner at Mach 10 and needing the brakes. Power is nothing without control, and the best brakes are pretty useless if you can’t modulate them with a touch of sensitivity. That’s exactly why we’ve put 13 current models through the wringer to determine which ones can’t take the heat and which ones have the capacity to even bring our test lab standards to their limit.


We also visited Continental’s historic headquarters and had a look behind the scenes in the old manufacturing halls of the tire experts.


We’re often only given one opportunity to do a certain thing in life, so our writer Laura didn’t hesitate for a moment before accepting our commission for a trip across Nicaragua. This veritable once-in-a-lifetime adventure is proof that a mountain bike trip doesn’t just have to be about the descents (although they’re a pretty decent bonus).


However, fear not. You don’t have to be as drastic as we’ve been. No need to quit your job, sell your car or emigrate just yet. Every single day gives us chances to try something novel and exciting, so grab them when they’re there. Don’t fall into a routine, try new lines and be creative – not just on the trails but every day. Trust us, you’ll regret it as little as we regret creating this issue (i.e. not at all).

As of right now, all the exciting articles can be downloaded from our interactive iPad or iPhone app, and they’ll make their way onto the website over the next few weeks. Have fun reading!

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