There are some questions in life that we all struggle with, like when someone asks “where do you want your life to go”, or “what do you want to achieve?”. Of course, you’re usually expected to give some sort of generic answer about a prospective career path or sought-after promotion. When we think about what’s really important, should it be all about money, fame and glory? Should we not focus more on having a good time?

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Enduro is booming! There’s now so much choice on the market, and – if we’re to believe the marketing promises – these are serious capable do-it-all bikes. While that’s all very nice, can you buy a great bike for less than €4000? In this group test we find out.

Taking us from lung-busting uphill crawls to thrill-filled gravity fun at the touch of a remote lever, dropper posts have become an essential component of our bikes. With the market growing ever more competitive, weaknesses are unforgivable and unreliability is no longer tolerated – perfection is the new status quo. We test ten of the best internal droppers to find out which is king.

Up until now, female-specific bikes were usually a case of “pink-it-and-shrink-it,” but as LIV launch the Hail Advanced 0, this women’s bike brand claim to have finally developed a bike to satisfy us female riders out there. So is it time to hail our savior?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, evolution /’ɛvəluːʃ(ə)n/ is “the process by which different kinds of living organisms are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.” But what’s that got to with bikes and – more specifically – the new Rocky Mountain Altitude?

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle, to be an inbetweener, neither one nor the other. We’ve all been there… after the seemingly endless decision on which new bike to buy, we finally make our choice. Decisions made, website loaded, and mouse hovering over the BUY NOW button, we freeze. What size? Shit. We give you the answer!

Tying laces is a bitch! Those nursery school teachers were wrong: it doesn’t get better with age, those first fumbling attempts set the tone for the rest of your life, with shoes that are either achingly tight or frustratingly loose. Fortunately there’s a solution these days and (unlike at nursery) it doesn’t involve Velcro.

Unspoiled landscapes, untouched trails, and undisturbed views over glaciers: our three-day trip to Italy’s Trentino took us to places that are reminiscent of Canada’s backcountry but minus the crowds. Heading South, our initial ‘Tris Dessert’ plan was to scope out three neighbouring mountain valleys but we soon realized with heavy hearts (and hunger to explore) that our appetites just wouldn’t be satiated in such a short trip.

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