Issue #029 of ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine has finally landed! Packed as always with stoke-inducing tests, in-depth glimpses behind the scenes of the bike world and practical advice on what’s worth splashing your cash on. Here’s a run-through of some of the highlights:

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‘Money talks, bullshit walks’ is the motto of this issue’s heaving trail bike group test, where seven bikes costing between € 2,599 and € 3,399 had to prove their mettle on Scotland’s unforgiving highland trails. The good news is that trail bikes have literally never been so good! You’ll have to check out the full article to see which bike hauled its way to victory in the group test.

But don’t worry; it doesn’t always take a brand new bike to elevate your ride – even just upgrading your tires can make a major impact on the ride. We’ve tested 8 enduro tires into the lab and out on the trails. We will tell you in this issue, which is the best enduro tire for most of the riding situations!

Intense and Santa Cruz are two brands that have been the cause of sweaty palms and worryingly low bank accounts for countless riders in recent years. Unsurprisingly, the world looked on in awe as they both launched two new enduro bikes recently. But which is better? Is it even possible to pick a winner? It’s time for the Santa Cruz Nomad to face off against the Intense Tracer.

When did mountain biking become a fashion show? Did we miss the memo? When the Marin Wolf Ridge hit the media channels, rather than enlightening talk of kinematics and performance, the forum Kardashians united in cries of “Ugly, hideous, kill it with fire!” Yes, it looks… well, different, but if the R3ACT suspension works, if it’s amazing – that should good enough for us. We gave the bike a hard time on the Trails.

We’ve glimpsed prototypes of the Hope H.B160 trawling round trails for the past few years but now the British brand have finally introduced it formally into their collection. We paid them a visit to find out exactly how they tackled the production of this high-end bike.

Think of riding destinations in Europe. What comes to mind? Well, let’s say there’s a definite hotspot in the Alps; the classics like Morzine and Verbier. Then there’s the fashionable places such as Finale Ligure and Madeira that have shot to fame through racing and clever marketing. But what about Croatia? We have checked out some super sweet trails.

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Android users: Please install the recent update from the PlayStore to view the latest issue in glorious HD resolution.

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