OUT NOW! ENDURO Issue #032 – Bring it on!

Waiting sucks! And it gets more annoying, the longer you wait. Be it the mailman, who’s never got the package you’ve been waiting for, or your buddy who arrives at the agreed meeting place an hour late, again. Thanks god, the wait for the new ENDURO issue come to an end.

  9 high-end enduro bikes in comparison  
  9 tool kits under € 450 on test  
  Take your riding to new places this winter  
  Interview with Leo Kokkonen  

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All bikes in this issue

Cannondale Jekyll 1 | Canyon Strive CF 9.0 | Evil The Wreckoning X01 | Kona Process 153 CR 27.5 | MERIDA ONE-SIXTY 8000 | NICOLAI ION G15 QLFLINE | Orbea Rallon M-Team | Santa Cruz Nomad 4 CC XX1 | Specialized Enduro 29 Pro | Trek Slash 9.8

The enduro bikes in this group test will make bike enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster and their palms sweaty. They’re the stuff biker-dreams are made of, but not every one of them is suitable for every type of rider. We put them head-to-head on the trails of the Trans-Provence to find out their individual strengths and weaknesses.

As a mountain bike rider, there’s more to Winter riding than just maintaining your fitness. You need to hone your ability to get radical, and you just can’t do that on the turbo trainer! We show you five key skills and how to learn them during the darker months – be ready to shred when Spring comes.

The NICOLAI ION G15 is never going to be a bike for the masses. And that’s exactly what makes it unique. In these fast moving times, products with a strong character are becoming increasingly important as we long for individuality, handcrafted art and authenticity. The NICOLAI ION G15 can offer all of this, but does it ride well?

Adjusting a cockpit, replacing old brake-pads or changing a worn-out chain are all repairs you can easily tackle with a mini-tool. But more complicated maintenance tasks such as replacing a cassette or straightening a badly bent brake rotor will require a more specific selection of tools. Why not invest in a proper tool-box which contains all of the tools you need and also allows you to complete your existing home workshop?

With his latest CNC machined bike, the man behind the radical brand Pole is not only asking us to rethink the use of aluminium, but also heralding a more sustainable industry. Is he a heretic, an environmentalist, an inventor, a visionary or simply a mad-man? Who is Leo Kokkonen?

Until spring, to help the time pass, reading this edition will hopefully ease your suffering. And last but not least, as my PE teachers used to tell us in school: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.” So get out there in the mud and make some unforgettable memories with your friends!

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