It might only just have chimed 2016, but this issue is ready to welcome a new era: Hello Future! Our lives are packed with changes – some good, some bad – and only those of us who question convention, recognize potential, dare to say goodbye and risk something new have any chance of progression. In fact, we’ve managed to tick each of those off in this issue – so be excited!


At the Design & Innovation Award 2016, more than 40 industry and cycling experts tested the most exciting and innovative products of 2016 and discussed the industry’s most cutting-edge and crucial trends. This issue contains all the results and reasons, so keep reading.


But we’re not just interested in future trends: the status quo deserves our attention too. In our huge People’s Bike group test, we pitted ten inexpensive bikes against each other, each costing less than €2,599. This issue reveals all the nitty-gritty about which ones won us over and which ones didn’t quite live up to expectations.


Our UK editor Trevor described riding at a trail centre as being ‘mountain biking for the Xbox generation’. So what’s so special about trail centres and why is the UK so full of them? Take it from Trev.


Our photographer Ross grew up on a tiny island off the coast of bonnie Scotland. This Christmas he made the intrepid journey back to his roots and despite the below-freezing temperatures and incessant rain, he experienced one of his best ever days of riding.


If you’re still going strong with your New Year’s Resolutions then you’ll love all the tips we’ve crammed into our Winter Training special. For everyone else, it’ll be motivation – trust us.


The battle between online vs. offline in the retail world is far from over. But what’s in store in the future? Our chief editor Christoph puts in his two pence.

This issue marks a bit of a turning point – but only for the better. As of right now, we’ll be putting all of the most exciting articles, reviews and travel stories from this brand new issue directly onto our new website. Get an overview of all articles from this issue here. Of course, the magazine will still be published in the way we all know and love, complete with all the articles and features in the App store – but now exclusively for iOS devices. This is our way of giving you an even better magazine, and ourselves the opportunity to create more breathtaking stories.

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About the author

Robin Schmitt

Robin is one of the two founders of 41 Publishing, a visionary and go-getter. While he now enjoys every second on the bike – whenever his busy schedule allows – he used to race against the clock at enduro events and a few Downhill World Cups. Besides that, Robin practises kung fu and Zen meditation, plays the cello or with his dog (which actually belongs to his girlfriend), travels abroad and still reviews numerous bikes himself. Progressive ideas, new projects and major challenges – Robin loves exploring undiscovered potential and getting to the bottom of new trends.