MIRANDA has announced the launch of their new Infinium
crankset. With it comes some interesting innovations that set it apart from the more common cranks on the market. Here are some more details and a short video:

Infinium 1-2

Introducing ChainFLOW™ technology, which gives smooth chain load distribution, superior chain guidance and earlier/more controlled linkage with its unconventional tooth

To further improve the performance, the titanium alloy chainring on INFINIUM is
coated with a custom-formulated carbon nanoscale matrix shield, reducing friction to
near zero and hugely increasing the endurance and longevity of the chainring. The
spindle, which will be available for various bottom bracket configurations, is also made
of titanium alloy, with a design that can handle very high load conditions.

Infinium 3-2

To complement the high rigidity and reliability of the INFINIUM crankset, the Delta
crank arm model was developed using special automatic and proprietary
nanostructuring cold forged aluminium manufacturing processes. Known for its
resistance, the award-winning Delta, available in 170mm or 175mm, can sustain and
absorb hard rock impacts without causing any structural damage. Its unrivalled
endurance properties and superb resistance to impacts is confirmed by test reports made
by reputable external laboratories, even in conditions that largely exceed the ones
demanded by the DIN EN safety standards.

Infinium 5-2

The whole set was designed to be extremely durable but light, weighing under 590
grams on some configurations, making it one of the lightest cranksets available, with a
leading strength-to-weight ratio.But what really differentiates this crankset from all
others available on the market is that it incorporates uncommon and premium materials
such as titanium on the chainring and spindle (no other 1×11 crankset on the market
uses this alloy), and the carbon-based layers to lubricate and protect the chainring. The
INFINIUM crankset is the first to incorporate ChainFLOW cutting-edge technology –
an innovation that will improve the riding experience when high-performance is

This INFINIUM crankset will be featured on some exclusive bicycles from the major brands
and will be available in Q1 2015:

from 28T to 44T ring sizes;
+- 600g (full set with a 32T chainring);
with support for all major drivetrain system configurations/ bottom brackets

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