With the release of all-new X.0 hubs SRAM continues to grow their product range. Check the press release:

Finally, a hub worthy of the X0 name. Built to roll over the toughest mountain terrain, the SRAM X0 Hub proves that being solid doesn’t mean being sluggish. From pawl tooth to side cap, we went the extra mile on the X0 Hub—so you have less to worry about on the trail. DOUBLE TIME™ ratchet design gives you smooth 6.9-degree engagement—all while keeping everything light and steady. Super-precise SPEEDBALL™ bearings mean lower resistance, faster revolutions and no more time spent readjusting play.


Available December 2013

  • Versatile hub – light enough for XC, strong enough for All-Mountain
  • New DOUBLE TIME ratchet mechanism for durable, quick engagement
  • SPEEDBALL precision cartridge bearings for light, smooth action. No play adjustment needed for simplicity and convenience.
  • 3D forged hub shell with SEEKER angled flanges for durability and fewer broken spokes
  • Convertible to all axle types, except DH
  • Available in XD or 10-sp driver body
  • Available in 32 or 28 holes
  • Sand-blasted black with red label
  • Glossy black with silver accents
Front Hub – Weight: 130g – USA: $197.00 – 181,85€
Front Hub – Weight: 130g – USA: $197.00 – Europe: 181,85€
Rear Hub – Weight: 250g – USA: $364.00 – Europe: 336,00€
Rear Hub – Weight: 250g – USA: $364.00 – Europe: 336,00€



Ratcheting up the smarts. This straight-aligned, 4-pawl design turns the 26-tooth ratchet ring into 52 points of engagement. The result: smooth 6.9-degree engagement without reducing tooth size or offsetting internal geometry—which means serious long-term durability.


The only adjustment they’ll ever need was made back at the factory. Every part of the ball bearing is carefully manufactured —which means that each bearing bore can be precision machined to fit the bearing race exactly. With tolerances this tight, the days of adjusting play after every ride are over.


Get unbent. 3D forged and machined for lightweight strength, the flanges are angled towards the rim—allowing the spokes to be fully in-line when tensioned. The result: reduced spoke head breakage and better overall durability.


Switching axles has never been easier. Threadless side caps can be installed and replaced by hand—no tools necessary. SIDE SWAP SYMMETRICAL side caps refuse to take sides. The left side cap is identical to the right one. No need to figure out where each cap is going.


XD is a driver body design that allows the use of the SRAM 1X™ 10-42 Cassette and provides an improved interface.

Words & Photos: SRAM PR

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