The 1×11 drivetrain has taken the mountain biking industry by storm. But performance comes at a price! The OneUp Components 42T sprocket lets you easily and inexpensively upgrade your existing 10 speed drivetrain. OneUp Components about their new products:


At OneUp Components we believe that every rider should have access to the latest technology and that upgrading your mountain bike shouldn’t cost you an entire paycheck. We believe you should work less and ride more!

We’ve made it possible to widen the range of your existing 10 speed 11-36 cassette. No proprietary systems. No need to replace half the parts on your bike. Just the extra range needed to lighten and simplify your drive train.

Introducing the OneUp Components 42T sprocket


CNC machined from hard wearing 7075 aluminum, this sprocket fits behind most 11-36 cassettes, displacing one sprocket from the main cluster. The resulting 11-42 adapted cassette gives you 90% of the benefit of 1×11 systems at 10% of the cost.

OneUp-Components-42T-Sprocket-green-Specialized-2013-Stumpjumper-FSR-Comp-EVO-29- drivetrain OneUp-Components-42T-Sprocket-green-Specialized-2013-Stumpjumper-FSR-Comp-EVO 29-cassette-front-3d OneUp-Components-42T-Sprocket-green-Specialized-2013-Stumpjumper-FSR-Comp-EVO 29- cassette-rear-3d OneUp-Components-42T-Sprocket-Instruction-Sheet-01

The OneUp Components 42T sprocket plays nice with 2×10 and fatbikes too.

MSRP is $100 US and we will be shipping as early as mid January with free shipping worldwide. E-mail with Bike Rumour in the subject line for a $15 discount code that’s good until Dec 18/13. Visit our website to get yours on order today.

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Still running 9 speed? Now that the industry has gone 1×11 crazy you can find 10 speed components heavily discounted. Look around and you should be able to upgrade to a wide range 1X10 drivetrain for as little as $250! (Includes OneUp 42T Sprocket + shifter, rear derailleur and chain)

Special – Email with Enduro-MTB in the subject to receive the $15 discount.

Words & Photos: OneUp Components

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