The season is almost upon us, trails are drying out and the first signs of warm spring days are all around. The talk has turned back to biking and everyone is looking forward to getting out in the forest and shredding some trails.

There is only one problem, as last years season wound to a close and the first snow arrived, many bikes were thrown into basements, forgotten and ignored until now. For those who rode in spite of mud and snow, we salute you, however a winter of hard riding will certainly have left your bike requiring some TLC before the new season begins. Many have certainly also spent their Christmas bonus on new parts, to replace that which is broken, or tune the bike with the “must haves” of 2014.

Das volle Know How findet man nur direkt beim Hersteller, deshalb machten wir uns unter anderem auf den Weg nach Schweinfurt.
For the best info you need to go direct to the manufacturers, so we drove to Schweinfurt to visit SRAM in their European Headquarters.
Aber auch FOX Germany wurde von uns besucht um mehr über deren Federelemente zu erfahren.
We also popped in at FOX Germany to learn more about FOX suspension products
Wie stelle ich meinen Lenker richtig ein und wie hoch ist die perfekte Sattelhöhe? All das verrieten uns die Experten von Specialized
How do I setup my handlebar, and what is the correct height for my saddle? You may already think you know, but the experts from Specialized surprised us.
Viel haben wir diskutiert und hinterfragt, Carsten von SRAM stand uns bereitwillig Rede und Antwort.
We had amazing discussions with Carsten from SRAM, he gave us so many pro tips that we cannot wait to share with you!

Every week we will be bringing you useful tips and tricks for service & setup, and let you into some secrets from the pros! At the same time we will dispel some common myths and focus on what is really important.

We have been visiting the “major players” in the industry and every Monday will provide you with a detailed guide on a particular bike topic

Davon träumt jeder, eine Werkstatt wie ein Formel1 Boxenstall!
This is everybody’s dream! A workshop like a Formula 1 pit.

Not only will be covering simple tasks such as changing a crank, but we will also focus on more advanced topics like fork services, brake line shortening, bleeding a RockShox Reverb and much more.

Wer es zerlegt muss es auch wieder zusammensetzen! Wir sagen euch wie es geht!
You can learn a lot when you just try something, but don’t forget that at the end you have to rebuild everything again! We will tell you how to do it right!
Tuning Tip: Wer mit der Kennlinie seines Hinterbaus unzufrieden ist kann sehr einfach die Luftkammer des Dämpfers verkleinern. Wir sagen euch wie es geht!
Tuning Tip: If you are dissatisfied with the suspension action of your swingarm, it is very easy to reduce the air chamber of the damper to boost progressiveness. We tell you how it works!
Unzureichende Pflege und falsche Produkte verschlechtern nicht nur die Performance, sie können Bauteile auch komplett zerstören.  Wer lang Spaß am neuen Bike haben will, dem verraten wir worauf es wirklich ankommt!
Inadequate care and using the wrong products not only deteriorate the performance of your bike, but they can also completely destroy components. We reveal what really matters!

It starts this Monday with a guide on how to replace a SRAM GXP bottom bracket and install a new matching SRAM X01 crank.

Pictures: Christoph Bayer Words: Christoph Bayer / Trevor Worsey

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