One of the most awaiting weekend of the year is almost here! The Superenduro Powered by SRAM is preparing to return to Sauze d’Oulx for the fifth PRO race of the year. And what a race it is going to be. For the first time the race will cover more than one trail area, crossing over from the high peaks into Sestriere. The competition will be packed with riders from across the world and you don’t want to miss the penlultimate PRO race of the year.

In a new twist on our race format, there will be eight special stages with a Supermountain mass-start race as the finale on Sunday. The paddock opens on Friday, with license checks starting at 13.00 and closing at 18.00, followed by the riders’ briefing at 18.30.


Saturday will be all-out competition with seven special stages for riders to compete over. It will be a long day and a hard test for everyone. Starting with “The Goat,” then “SuperSauze” and “Gouriun+Karamell” it will test every aspect of mountain biking. Riders then come in for a time check and repeat the lap once more. For PS7 they head up to Col Basset for the final descent of the day down to Sestriere. On arrival, riders will have 30 minutes to work on their bikes until they are locked in parc ferme until the racing starts on Sunday.

Come Sunday morning, riders head back out on the lifts in Sestriere to Monte Fraiteve to repeat the final stage from Saturday. Then, to crown the weekend, they head back up for the big climax: the Supermountain race. Returning to the Superenduro Powered by SRAM by popular demand, it will finish off a magical weekend in the Alpi Bike Resort.

All the race informaiton is available on the race sheet and don’t forget to book your stay at the Alpi Bike Resort!


Shuttle services and parc ferme

Riders must work on their bikes independently, Superenduo staff will be on hand to provide transport and equipment to maintain the bikes. Included in the race fee is a shuttle from Sestriere to Sauze on Saturday evening and a return shuttle from Sauze to Sestriere on Sunday morning. Times will be communication by the race director.


The eighth/Supermountain stage

On Sunday, after the eighth stage, riders will return to Sestriere and we expect a break in the running. This is to allow for the organisation of the Supermountain race in groups of ten riders for the transfer back to the summit for the start of the stage. The groups will be decided based on the general classification at that point. You will be allowed to pick your starting spot on the grid in the order you arrive at the summit – so the faster you get there, the better your spot for the race! Another important note – Superenduro recommends coming prepared for high mountain conditions. The Supermountain race starts at more than 2000m up and at that high weather conditions can deteriorate rapidly, so come prepared for all eventualities.


Race sheet

Race map

Mappa SE SAUZE_2013_percorsi.graffle

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Words: Superenduro PR Photos: © MATTEO CAPPE’ / SUPERENDUROMTB.COM

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