We have been waiting for a dropper post from Shimano for many years, especially as they hold most of the patents for wireless activation.

Here you’ll find our recent comparison test of the best mtb dropper post.

When the rumours started flying that a new post would be dropping at Eurobike, there was a media melee heading to their booth. That excitement was quelled a little when we discovered it was a more affordable post from the cost-focussed PRO Koryak range, not their top-of-the-line Tharsis group. However, for €199, the 639 g post, constructed from AL-7000, could be quite the bargain. The PRO Koryak ASP is only available with 120 mm of infinitely adjustable travel, but at that price we can forgive it some choice here.

Installation of the post is straightforward, using the common barrel to trap the end of the cable at the seatpost actuator, though care is needed to ensure the cable length is correct. Inside the post is a hybrid air/ hydraulic cartridge that is not user serviceable, but is cheap and can be replaced in twenty minutes. The inline head has a single bolt clamp that is very quick to set up, but it does suffer from a little slippage in crashes or poor line choice (though for general trail riding we had no issues at all). The small remote has a return spring which gives a nice action, and sits nicely on the bars; however, an optional shifter-style I-spec II lever (which is nicer to use) can be purchased. On the trail the action is smooth and well damped, and the fixed return speed is fast enough. After three months of use we have had no issues from the post – aside from the aforementioned seat clamp slip – and no lateral play has developed. We were hoping for great things from Shimano, but instead of electro-trickery they delivered an honest, reliable, and affordable post.

Drop: 120 mm
Weight: 530 g/27 g (post/remote)
Price: €199


  • Simple and effective
  • Affordable replacement cartridge


  • Single-bolt clamp
  • 120 mm only

For more information head to pro-bikegear.com

Here you’ll find our recent comparison test of the best mtb dropper post.

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