A dream came true for Thai MTB enthusiasts as the first Enduro Series ever organized in Thailand attracted an overwhelming number of participants. On 5-6 July 2014, TANKstore, the Bangkok based outdoor and tactical gear store, and ‘Chet Khot-Pong Konsao’ Natural Study and Ecotourism Center in Saraburi Province joined hands organizing the first ever MTB Enduro race in Thailand. The race was made possible thanks to Nawaphansa Yugala, the owner of TANKstore and the MTB devotee who pushes the competition to international standard by utilized the same timing system as used in the EWS by SPORTident.

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New and familiar faces turned up, from both DH and XC camps. Although some of the 99 participants have tried their hand at All Mountain riding, there has never been a real Enduro competition in the country before so this first race was aiming at introducing the racing format to the local riders. The atmosphere of the race was very friendly. Great support was received from the local bike shops. RedBull Thailand kindly supported the event with drinks and the Wing Girls made sure everyone has filled their thirst.

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With the help of the commander and deputy commander who looked after and took care of the Chet Khot-Pong Konsao park, the Special Stages were made up from three beautiful natural trails. The first trail was quite physical demanding, because the trail was more XC orientated. The second and third trails were very fun with some steep and technical sections; The liaison stages were not far but quite steep. Many riders were opting to push their bike up to save their energy for the Special Stages.

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After an exciting day of racing, congratulations were handed out to everyone who made it to the finish line especially the downhill riders, who in the end took all five prizes. For those who needed a bit more luck and preparation, keep up training! The next race will be organized in Khao E-To Prachinburi,11-12 Oct.

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Text & Pictures: Thailand Enduro Series

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