Over 130 competitors were part of the first edition of Lapierre Enduro Vichuquen 2013 produced by Life cycles productions at the Vichuquen lake, located on the VII region also named as El Maule region about 300 km to the south of Santiago Chile.

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The trip began on sunday 6th of October in the middle of a thick morning fog, something normal for the coast line of this area. The trail total 23 km of tracks with 9 km marked for special stages was created to ride the slopes of the hillsides, which make a division between the pacific ocean and the Vichuquen lake.

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The most impressive stage was PE2 (special stage 2) which gave the participants an amazing view of the coast line, with a clear sky that only last for 15 minutes giving a small window to the riders to fill their eyes with such a unbelievable scenario. The rest of the race was completed under a cold weather bringing along wind and an ocean breeze.
Throughout the trail the participants had to face different types of forrest, rock gardens and areas with native vegetation. A perfect mix of complexity and nature beauty. Fast zones, technical terrain, climbs and at the end of a flat area, the final special stage (SE3) surprised everyone with its park style design, where bridges, jumps, bankings challenged everyone towards the end of the race.

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Another highlight of this race was the efficient chronographing system hired to the TagID team, creating an extremely positive impression within the participants, allowing them to start and cross the end lines at high speed, bringing security and confidence on the time results to each participant.

Here you can find some more OnBoard Videos – Special Stage 1-3

PE 1

PE 2

PE 3

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Words: Life Cycles | Photos: Claudio Olguin

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