The first ever edition of the Asian Enduro Series is coming to Nepal in April 2016! Stay turned and train for a challenging race on the erratic terrain of the Himalayan nation. A sweeping global trend has seen mountain bikers get bitten by the Enduro pandemic, and not many trails make for a more favorable breeding ground than the ones in the Himalayan backyard. Home to the highest mountains and unreal terrains, Nepal is gearing up to launch the first ever Asian Enduro Series (AES) on April 2016. Collaborating with the series founder Philippine national Sly Lumbao, mountain biking company Gnarly will be organizing the event that draws professional athletes from all over the world and to showcase the best of Enduro riding.

The worldwide craze of Enduro, Nepal no exception, became a big deal only a few years ago, sparked by several acclaimed races like Megavalanche and Mountain of Hell. Though cross-country and downhill largely dominated mountain biking till recently, Nepal is increasingly known for its perfect hybrid trails that crisscross the tiny Himalayan nation, perfect for Enduro. The promising sport stems from enduro dirt biking and demands equal parts stamina, skills and agility to shred trails composed of sharp descents and gradual ascents.

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Scheduled decidedly for spring along Nagarkot’s lush forests on eastern outskirts of Kathmandu valley, AES 2016 – Nepal will see an amazing season for riding. The trails will be dry with no bushy leaves and undergrowth to obstruct intense sprints or pose crash hazards. Perched on a hill fourth highest in the valley, Nagarkot at 2,195m sports unparalleled vistas of glistening snow-capped mountains visible on the horizon, which though tempting to take glances of, will be overshadowed by the undivided attention demanded by the rough trails all the way to the bottom of the valley.

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Ride inside the verdant forests of Nagarkot where gradual and undulating climbs are followed by bumpy descents. Technical stretches and huge drops and jump sections highlight the trip. Pick-up trucks will be available at the start and ending points to ferry participants. Liaison stages though will not have ground support and riders will have to pedal along challenging yet gradual climbs in between.

The race will be followed by an optional bike trip to the desert landscape of Mustang to ride along the laps of Himalayas. We’ll be biking around some of the best trails in Nepal right below the highest points on the planet, ranging above 8,000m above sea level! This will be quite a thrilling ride and perfect way to complement the race with a well-deserved holiday.

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AES 2016 – Nepal intends to build on the momentum of the most current form of mountain biking that has got everyone at the edge of their saddle. This flagship event is ideal if you want to ride gnarliest trails on erratic terrains of Kathmandu and don’t mind some uphill pedalling. The Series hopes to bring the biking community together and merge stamina of crosscountry, intensity of downhill and maneuvers of trial biking. Rest assured, the race will meet international standards of racing and exceed expectations. Whether you’re pro or amateur, if you’re looking to have fun on your bike, this Enduro bout is it!

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Words & Photos: Anuj Adhikary

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