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The Lab: Renthal Push-On Ultra Tacky Grips Review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the Renthal Push-On Ultra Tacky grips fared.

If you want a thin and sensitive grip that still has a good level of padding, there are not that many choices on the market. While the latest lock-on grips are very easy to fit, the body of a grip has to be a little wider to accommodate the lock-on sleeve. Drawing from their motocross roots, over the last two seasons Renthal have developed the new Ultra Tacky compound push-on grip, slimline and comfortable and ridden to success on the world stage by Danny Hart and Cecile Ravanel. The Ultra Tacky compound version has only just been officially launched but Trev has been running these in Scotland for a few months now. They are more complex that Lock-Ons to fit, and need to be glued on with Renthals glue, but once on they are rock solid. While girth preference is a very personal thing, those looking for a narrow grips will love them.

The medium flange works just fine with shifter levers and brakes, adding a moto feel.
The waffle and block design gives huge grip in the wet, especially with the Ultra Sticky compound

The Ultra Tacky compound is incredible, it feels almost too sticky at first grab, but when it’s wet and you are white knuckling through a tough section, it offers huge confidence. With the knurled grip section and prominent moto flange, it’s hard not to make ‘braap braap’ noises when pulling out of corners. After two (albeit winter) months, they are wearing a little faster than a firmer compound, but Trev squeezed most of a season out of the last pair of Ultra Tacky lock-ons. One word of warning though, be cautious with the Renthal Quick Dry Motorcross grip glue, it’s tenacious. Of course, Trev ignored all the warnings to wear gloves and subsequently glued his hands to everything in the workshop


If you are looking for maximum grip and a slimline form, the latest Ultra Tacky Push-On grips from Renthal are in a class of their own, just don’t expect them to last forever.


  • Thin and sensitive, but not harsh
  • Very affordable


  • Some will find them too thin
  • Need to be glued on

Tester: Trev
Duration: 3 months

Price: € 14.99
Weight: 82 g
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