With a gap in between EWS rounds, racers such as Alexandre Cure, Florian Nicolaï and Adrien Dailly took to the Val d’Allos stages for the second round of the 7idp Enduro Series. Keep on reading for the full recap from the weekend:

A breath of fresh air flew over the second round of the 7idp Enduro Series 2016 in Val d’Allos bringing riders from the EWS that didn’t take part in the challenge in the Vosges and who blew up the stopwatch on the timed runs. Adrien Dailly, Alexandre Cure and Florian Nicolaï took advantage of the playground in Val d’Allos to practice for the international competition that comes back in less than three weeks on similar terrain.

In a nice summertime atmosphere embraced with sunshine, Val d’Allos hosted the 14th edition of the Tribe 10000 – the second round of the 7idp Enduro Series in a rally format. The dry and dusty trails bordered with flowered meadows became the playground for the three hundred riders registered for the competition. On the agenda was 4 physical stages with pedaling sections that pushed more than one rider to have to dig deep in order to win some precious seconds on the flat ground. The endless stage 1 that exceeded more than 15 minutes, even for the best riders and the e-bikes had a hard time with some crashes and mechanical issues like for Chloé Gallean or Alexis Noirot, who was forced to finish the stage with a single speed.

7idp Enduro Series Val d'Allos Image 1
Rocky Mountain team mates Florian Nicolai and Alexandre Cure locked horns and ended up only 0.2 seconds apart after 4 stages!
7idp Enduro Series Val d'Allos Image 2
The sun was shining but there was still moisture to be found.
7idp Enduro Series Val d'Allos Image 3
Val d’Allos provided a diverse network of trails for the racers to enjoy.

Some of the racers like Alexandre Cure had decided to race on a 29er which benefited on the pedaling and climbing sections, by the end resulted in a 2nd place right bheind Flying Flo, only two-tenths of a second behind. Baptiste Gaillot takes the third place in Val d’Allos and propels himself to the 2nd place in the general classification tied with Ludovic Oget. The young Elliot Trabac becomes the leader of the tournament with 36 points ahead of second place, with a big battle brewing between the three of them with the half way point that is set to happen this coming weekend in Millau.

7idp Enduro Series Val d'Allos Image 4
Despite a crash, Morgane Such took a pretty dominant victory.
7idp Enduro Series Val d'Allos Image 5
Adrien Dailly powered his way to victory in the E-Bike category.

Olivier Giordanengo called « the specialist » by Adrien Dailly – the winner of this round, takes the lead of the Trophee VTT AE by Giant with Sabrina Jonnier on his side on the highest steps of the podium she, for whom Allos trails have no more secrets. Morgane Such, who had a bad crash on the third stage has put it all together again and made it to the end, keeping her first place at the podium thanks to a comfortable lead she won on the first two stages.

Val d’Allos has once again been the theater of a gorgeous mtb party with a great organisation and a splendid weather. Varying trails in the middle of an exquisite natural environment have definitely set the challenge between the leading riders.

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Words: Tribe Events / 7idp Enduro Series Photos: Jan Volbracht