Endurama is born, a new Enduro Mtb Championship in Spain, with 4 confirmed stages all located in central Spain: Arenas de San Pedro, La Adrada, Guadarrama (La Jarosa – Madrid) and Cuenca.


The main advantage of this championship is “accessibility” as all stages are located in central Spain, making it easier for Enduro racers from across Spain and neighbouring countries to gather and compete together.


Arenas De San Pedro


La Adrada


Guadarrama – La Jarosa


Cuenca – Ciudad


In order to give all racers the chance to participate, Endurama offers two categories in the same race, the Pro Race and the No Stress Race.
We all know what “Pros” are looking for and there will be roots, steeps and jumps, among others.  The ”No Stress Race” takes away the worries in racing, giving the riders the choice of their position on the starting grid, so they can line up against their friends or go it alone. The clock decides who the overall winner is at the end.


All tracks will have a “chicken line” on the difficult parts, perfectly sign posted so the “No Stress” racers can take the easier, safer and “less stressful” way down.  Depending on how hard the round is, a full stage may be removed for the “No Stress” racers to make sure the whole track is suitable.  So no more excuses, all Enduro lovers can now join in.


All rounds will have age categories as stated in the championship general regulations with full age categories for ladies as well that we expect them to be fully booked too.

Registration for the first round will be open from 16th December 2014.

Check out the website: endurama.com and Facebook for more info

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