In a world of high-priced glitzy boutique exotica, sometimes you just want bike gear that works. When it comes to delivering reliability, performance and rugged durability, Shimano has always been at the forefront. They have just released a new line of all-mountain and gravity shoes, with reworked pedals to match. We popped into their booth at the UCI World Cup at Fort William to check them out.

Shimano release new AM901 and AM701 All-Mountain Shoes

For those looking for a tough SPD shoe for downhill and enduro racing, or just booting around in the woods, then Shimano’s latest AM901 and AM701 look the business. The revised uppers offer reduced water ingress and quicker drying times. The AM901 features the lace shield that has become iconic to Shimano shoes. To better protect the foot, the 400 g (in size 42) AM901 shoe features a new moulded toe box for those who like to kick roots, and the quick lacing cord ensures a precise fit. For those who want standard laces, the more affordable AM701 offers the same protective upper with a stiffer sole for trail riding, while doing away with lace shield for more casual styling. The AM701 will be available in grey, classic Shimano blue and also a very loud lime-green.

The flagship AM901 clipless shoe features the popular lace shield to keep gunk out.
The AM701 will be available in grey, shimano blue and this loud green.

All new GR900 and GR700 gravity shoes

For those who still get their kicks on flat pedals, Shimano has not forgotten you. The new AM901 and AM701 will also be released with a flat pedal sole developed in collaboration with rubber specialists Michelin. The shoes feature the same asymmetric raised ankle collar, armoured lace shield (on the GR900) and moulded toe cap. Looking at the shoes, we really like the wider sole around the pedal, and the Michelin rubber is soft and grippy. We look forward to getting them out on the trail.

The GR900 flat pedal shoe features a brand new grippy Michelin sole unit.
A female specific GR700 will be available is smaller sizes.

Shimano update their pedals lines with new clipless and flat SAINT and XT.

Along with the new range of SPD and flat pedal shoes, Shimano has revised their line of pedals – launching a new SAINT-level SPD and three new flat pedal options that work in harmony with their new shoes. The new SAINT PD-M820 features a durable alloy body that is designed to match perfectly with the AM901 for maximum control. Four adjustable pins per side add grip and the pedal weighs in a 546 g. For flat pedal lovers, the new Saint PD-M828 is an eight-sided concave pedal with 12 stainless steel pins per side (3 mm or 5 mm options). For trail riders, Shimano has re-worked the XT-level PD-M840 with 10 pins per side and now in two sizes to suit rider foot size, a small-medium for sizes 36-44 and a medium-large for 43-48 foot sizes. For those looking for a more affordable option, Shimano has also released the PD-GR500 for those looking for an entry-level pedal that will not break the bank.

The 546 g M820 bring clipless performance to the Saint lineup….
.. while the M828 brings a funky new look.
The new XT flat pedal will be released in two different sizes to suit different foot sizes.

We will bring you prices as soon as we have them, and availabiity is expected in November.

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