If you’re someone that inevitably seeks out value-for-money over shiny high-end, top performance products then it’s time to look sharp and listen up. The new SIGMA BUSTER 2000 HL may have got all the bases covered with its € 200 price tag, 2,000 lumens, generous battery, array of mounting brackets and wireless remote control usage! In fact, when it dropped in our office we thought it almost sounded too good to be true.

Sigma Buster 2000 HL helmet and battery
2,000 lumens, a battery with a capacity of 6,400 mA, three different mounting brackets and a wireless remote control – the SIGMA BUSTER 2000 HL offers a very attractive package for € 200.

Experience has brutally taught us that budget bike lights might shine brightly enough to get us around the trails, but there’s a whole lot of compromises intertwined in their low price. When this latest SIGMA model dropped in our office, we wondered briefly whether we’d express the same skepticism, but our early reservations were unfounded; sporting great manufacturing, all the parts seemed high quality at first glance.

Its triangular shape gains some real design approval, and distinguishes this light from the rest of the competition. It has three CREE LEDs illuminating the trails with 2,000 lumens at their maximum – which is already a figure that soars above expectation. It’s a really constant and homogenous wide beam that has optimal illumination in the distance as well as at the sides. Its low weight of just 105 g puts the SIGMA BUSTER 2000 HL solidly at the lighter end of the spectrum – even including its aluminium casing.

Sigma Buster 2000 HL detail
The first impression counts: a brilliantly unusual design and high quality production.
Sigma Buster battery
Including the mount, the battery weighs in at 350 g and is powerful enough to last for 2.5 hours on full beam. There are handy integrated LEDs that reveal the remaining battery life, and the actual battery doubles as a power pack so you can hook up your mobile phone with a USB.

Tipping the scales at just over 300 g (without mount), the battery with its 6,400mAh capacity is more than sufficient to see you safely around long rides. On the highest beam it’ll last up to 2.5 hours – take our word for it. The four-step integrated LEDs that reveal the battery status are easily visible, and there’s a USB port for your mobile phone, or such like, which is a rare and much appreciated feature on models that cost double the amount of this specific SIGMA. The silicon straps for mounting the battery are really secure, but can also be removed if you decide to put it in your backpack and use the included extension cable.

Sigma Buster Test am Lenker montiert
Both the light and battery sit firmly on the bike without clattering, although you have to position the light mount slightly off-center.
Sigma Buster 2000 HL Anschalter
The SIGMA BUSTER 2000 HL can be mounted firmly onto your helmet too, and thanks to its low weight of just 105 g you’ll barely notice it.
Sigma Buster Lenkerfernbedienung
Comfort bonus: the wireless remote control can be mounted in your preferred spot and has two buttons to click through the seven light settings.

The BUSTER 2000 HL comes delivered with three interchangeable mounts, including a super flexible yet stable Velcro helmet mount. You need an allen key to adjust the angle, and due to the interface between mount and lamp it might not sit perfectly in certain positions, so explore. SIGMA also throw an action cam adaptor into the mix, which gives no cause for complaint and basically solves aforementioned issues. The method to mount the light on your bars is an incredibly simple, tool-free silicon strap that keeps stable and works really well.

So far, so good. But it gets better: SIGMA have also dropped a wireless remote control into the mix, and once you’ve tried this feature on any light we reckon it’ll be hard (nigh on painful) to return to a regular setup. You can fix it on your bars with the silicon strap while the light is on the helmet. There are two buttons: one for switching on and off and flicking through the three flashing modes, and the top button that clicks between four modes of intensity for the steady beam. It’s intuitive to use and you’ll manage the task even with heavy winter gloves. It’s debatable whether anyone really needs all seven modes of flashing and steady beam. We’d be satisfied with the SOS flash and just two of the beam options – the lowest and the brightest would suffice, and it’d make usage even easier.

Sigma Buster 2000 HL in Betrieb
Performance, kit and price – it’s all here! The SIGMA BUSTER 2000 HL presents a smashing deal with its € 200 price tag!


  • faultless performance
  • various mounting brackets included
  • worthwhile details (remote control, status LEDs, USB port)
  • outstanding value for money


  • excessive number of beam options


SIGMA have come out beaming with the BUSTER 2000 HL and have constructed an high quality light that performs brilliantly and comes with a decent battery life. The USB port and wireless remote control are two additional features that will certainly be appreciated and render this € 200 light a serious bargain. In our eyes, it comes unequivocally recommended!

Ready to ride (on helmet, battery in backpack): 480 g
Price: € 200

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Words: Photos: Marcel Davia