After a successful first season, SloEnduro is back in 2014. There will be 8 races, 6 in Slovenia, 1 in Italy and 1 in Croatia (first enduro race in Croatia).


The Season starts with three races in spring time. The season kicks off on 12th and 13th of April, where organisers of Enduro 3 Camini will be waiting for us in Trieste, Italy. After the first event we will have one month for training and equipment improvements, then round 2 will be held on the 9th and 10th of May in an exciting new venue, the Enduro Cerkno, will be held in Cerkno. On 7th and 8th of June, the Slovenian classic will begin with the Kamplc Enduro, which will be held in Bike Park Javornik.


Then it is time for a true Festival summer with two venues. In the summer time we will await the highlight of the season. SloEnduro will be present two slovenian MTB festivals. The Soča Outdoor Festival, will host another new race in our calendar, the Enduro Tolmin held on 6th of July in Tolmin. Two weeks later the organisers of Black Hole Bike Fest will prepare a race awarded the best event of 2013 season, Black Hole Enduro, from Friday 18th of July, till sunday, 20th of July, with a prolouge in Ravne na Koroskem and the main part of the race at Jamnica, above Prevalje.

There are two enduros planned in the center of Slovenia for September. After the summer part of the season there will be a longer break for holidays, but we will be back on 6th and 7th of September with another new race in our calendar, Enduro Kamnik, which will lead the racers around the trails of Kamnik. Be prepared for another race in 28th and 29th of September when Enduro Čelešnk will be held in the Bike Park Čelešnk, above Blagovica.


If we will start the season near the sea, than we should end it there as well, so on 11th and 12th of October, be prepared for the final race of the season, Enduro Grožnjan, which will be held in Grožnjan, Croatia.


SloEnduro 2014 calendar:

12th/13th of April – Enduro 3 Camini, Trieste (ITA)

9th/10th of May – Enduro Cerkno, Cerkno (SLO)

7th/8th of June – Kamplc Enduro, Javornik (SLO)

6th of July – Enduro Tolmin, Tolmin (SLO)

18th-20th of July – Black Hole Enduro, Koroška (SLO)

6th/7th of September – Enduro Kamnik, Kamnik (SLO)

28th/29th of September – Čelešnk Enduro, Blagovica (SLO)

11th/12th of October – Enduro Grožnjan, Grožnjan (CRO)


Words & Photos: SloEnduro Series

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