American heavy metal band Manowar might be the self-declared “Kings of Metal,” but we’d argue that the team at Öhlins have a right to this title. With a long history in motorsports, over recent years they’ve built up their mountain bike suspension range, and Specialized have been in on the act since the start. Coming in a limited run of 200 bikes, the Specialized Enduro Coil Carbon is where carbon meets metal.

Specialized Enduro Coil 29 | 160/165 mm | 14.40 kg | € 5,999

First impressions of the Specialized Enduro Coil are as raucous as many of Manowar’s tracks. At first glance the smooth black lines look understated… that is, until your gaze lands on the striking yellow coil damper, a true statement of intent. Like any good punk jacket emblazoned with patches, this one says don’t mess with us.

Lit guitar riffs, headbangers, and moshpits: the Enduro Coil is heavy metal redefined!
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The Specialized Enduro Coil 29 build spec

The Specialized Enduro Coil channels more metalhead genes by forsaking any superfluous style elements. The spec is wholly unassuming, promising to deliver functionality and affordability – although the price tag obviously hasn’t read the memo. A SRAM GX drivetrain and price-point SRAM Guide R brakes are like shelling out an hour’s wage for a slimey hot dog at a gig; it might fill you up, but where’s the satisfaction? The same applies to the Enduro Coil’s pretty steep price tag of € 5,999.

Fork Öhlins RXF 36 160 mm
Shock Öhlins TTX Custom 165 mm
Drivetrain SRAM GX
Seatpost Specialized Command Post IRCC
Stem Specialized Trail
Handlebar Specialized DH 780 mm
Tires Specialized Butcher Grid / Specialized Slaughter Grid
Wheels Roval Traverse 29″

The Specialized Enduro Coil 29 in Detail

Given the bike’s outspoken ambition, the long 60 mm stem is about as poorly chosen as new white Converses at a British festival. If you really want to weasel out the bike’s potential, you should definitely get a shorter stem. The integrated SWAT box has space for the most essential riding items like a tube and a mini-pump.

A heart of steel
The Öhlins TTX rear shock isn’t just eye-catching… it’s also damn good!
All on board
The Enduro Coil Carbon also sports Specialized’s familiar SWAT box to stow away all the essentials for a ride, meaning backpacks can stay at home.
This black paintjob and internally routed cables lend the bike a stealthy look.
The Specialized Slaughter tires are probably as divisive as heavy metal. But trust us: they’re grippier than they look.

The geometry of the Specialized Enduro Coil

Size S M L XL
Seat Tube 396 mm 430 mm 468 mm 523 mm
Top Tube [A] 555 mm 575 mm 600 mm 625 mm
Head Tube 95 mm 95 mm 110 mm 125 mm
Head Angle [D] 66.0° 66.0° 66.0° 66.0°
Seat Angle [B] 76.5° 76.5° 76.5° 76.5°
Chainstays [C] 432mm 432 mm 432 mm 432 mm
Wheelbase [E] 1159 mm 1179 mm 1205 mm 1231 mm
Reach [G] 410 mm 430 mm 450 mm 470 mm
Stack [H] 609 mm 609 mm 622 mm 636 mm
BB Drop [J] 19 mm 19 mm 19 mm 19 mm

The Specialized Coil on the Trail

The Specialized Enduro Coil grinds it way up the climbs without excessive pedal-bob, even with the plush steel spring damper. If it does bother you, it’s easy to select an efficient climbing platform with a quick twist of the low speed compression adjuster. The riding position is comfortable and lends itself to all-day epics. It’s probably worth upgrading the Command Post IRcc because it only has limited adjustment and we weren’t keen on the saddle layback.

Helmet Specialized Ambush | Jersey ION TEE LS SEEK_AMP | Shorts ION BIKESHORTS SCRUB_AMP

Prepare yourself for one of those goose-pimple moments as you reach your first trailhead and drop in with the Specialized Enduro Coil. Traction is astonishing – genuinely more than we’ve ever experienced – and the bike keeps super-planted to the terrain. This must be the stomping ground of the steel coil shock. Thanks to the confidence-inspiring vibe, this is a bike to really get loose on, blasting down the track quicker than Keith Moon on his drums.

On downhills we were staggered by just how unruffled the coil-sprung suspension is by any burl, and how much it seems to scream for more. Even on really long downhill runs, it delivers the ultimate performance with unbeatable consistency. The Enduro Coil Carbon has classic 29er geometry, so it’s not surprising that the handling is really familiar. And despite its brutal exterior, the Enduro Coil has a softer side that comes out while cornering, showing a satisfying submissiveness to the rider’s input.


The Specialized Enduro Coil Carbon gives any rider a free pass to a heavy metal gig. The bike is reliant on the Öhlins coil suspension for its attitude, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. Built around a great carbon frame, this is a bike to dominate any trail. But as with any private showing from a great band, full live immersion comes at a heavy premium – and the Enduro Coil Carbon is pretty damn exclusive.


  • Beautifully sensitive suspension
  • Superb handling
  • Strong look


  • Heavy, not so playful
  • Too much bike for mellow terrain

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