Superenduro goes through Sauze as much as the MTB success of Sauze goes up through Superenduro. This is the pair that wrote the most epic pages of the history of the discipline and now in the 2014 edition it is not going to be anything less. At all. 
Since the first edition in in 2008 , Superenduro got its fun on the smooth slopes and in the magical larch woods around Sauze d’Oulx , playing throughout the creeks and the rhododendron brushes, which are now, how to forget them on the Supersauze? unforgettable references along the course.

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Really enough to make of Supersauze, the legendary Special Stage which drops from Rocce Nere down to the village, one of the emblem of Sauze in particular and Superenduro in general. The trail was aimed to offer a great racing terrain but it soon became one of the most appreciated courses for the thousands of riders that come to ride it during the race or just for fun. What about Gouriun, the Special Stage that was kept hidden until a few minutes before the start of the race, when Sauze staff eventually decided to open the entry through the bushes?

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How to forget the two lines on the Rocce Nere ridge: they appear in more pictures than the Eiffel Tower… or almost! That is the narrow trail on dirt where you really must let it go. Get up to speed before the ramp to the avalanche barriers and reach them! Not a breath in your lungs but what a view on the Alta Val di Susa and all the mountains surrounding your descend… Right on that ridge the most famous photographers found their best shots and a number of film-makers filled up their memory cards with images that would have been the ingredients of exciting features, so good to spark the riding mojo. Clay Porter above all. That is the land of marmots and we are nothing more than guests on the Mother Mountain. However, the terrain here is so perfect that plenty of magazines and bicycle brands keep coming to do bike testing and shoot pictures for their catalogues. When the three Atherton – Rachel, Gee and Dan – came from UK and rode in Sauze and in the whole Alpi Bike resort, they fell in love with the place. Every time they are back, they have endless memories to share about the best trails or the most brilliant lines to spot in the green of the vegetation that makes so special the Pearl of the Alta Val di Susa.

Sauze has left its mark also at the international level because it hosted the first edition of the Eurocup and two stages of the Enduro MTB Trophy of the Nations . That was originally a French idea and even if they were so jealous of it – well they are never that happy to share their ideas! – they finally decided to pass it to the Superenduro organization. That ended in a memorable edition in 2011 and in something that clearly laid down the foundations for what was going to be, in a couple of years, the Enduro World Series. Have a look at the pictures from those years, get an idea about the level of the riders that raced on this terrain and made all of us dreaming with their style.

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It is right here, at Sauze, where Martin Maes took the international scene by storm and, as a real phenomenon at only 15 years old, got the 5° place in the general ranking of the 2012 edition of the Trophy of the Nations. He left the whole scene speechless and in a few weeks became the rider most desired by the international teams. But Sauze and Superenduro are not only memories of the past. They also mean progression of the discipline: the longest Special Stage of the whole Series has been Supersauze for years, at least until now… The two appointments of the Trophy of the Nations were organized on these slopes. The first Supermountain with mass start was that from Rocce Nere – it will take place again during the 2014 event. Linking with another resort, in this case Sestriere, and the first Closed Park with associated Service Park were both born here last year.

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Really, those who have already taken part in the Superenduro at Sauze know well what we are talking about. For the riders that have not yet had the chance, the weekend of 6-7 of September is going to be a brilliant opportunity to come and try the real taste of Superenduro. The staff directed by Franco Monchiero, the man who gave life to the most ‘cloned’ race format on the planet, is working on a PRO which will be well worth its name, with the highest number of Special Stages and the biggest elevation change ever seen in a Superenduro PRO, since when Superenduro exists. A race that will be almost entirely supported by the chairlifts and with a final Special Stage that promises to write the history of Enduro. The going will get ‘duro’ (tough) or, better, Super(en)duro. The challenge is now launched and this great battle between riders, bikes and nature is going to endure.

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