Ergon are a German based company, lending their name from the term ergonomic, meaning to work naturally around the human body. They have taken that theory and put it into practice with their comfortable products. I had recently been suffering a tad from hand-pump during racing, that classic pain in your hand muscles, which can be caused by any number of things. It could be that the forks are set up wrong, bars or levers are in the wrong position, gripping too tight, not relaxing, not breathing correctly or just plain incorrect grips. Well, these Ergon GE1 grips are supposed to be designed to decrease the amount of hand pump, due to the way they are shaped better for the gripping hand. They feel a lot more fitted and with their shape it seems impossible to let the hand turn around on the grip.

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Ergon-omically fitted to the hand
Ergon-omically fitted to the hand

When you put your hands on these grips, I have to say they do feel right and very comfortable. They are marketed at Enduro racing, as seems to be everything these days! Although it has only one clamp on the inside, the grip of the big clamp makes it 100% twist resistant. The outer end is totally sealed off and constructed from the same thick rubber as the rest of the grip, so damage should be minimal.

They come available in black, blue, red or grey.

Weight 115g

Price 29.99GBP

Nice smooth lines for that added comfort
Nice smooth lines for that added comfort

The other issue I, and many other Enduro racers, marathon riders and just plain long riding MTBers can suffer, is the dreaded monkey butt! This is the problem resulting from long days in the saddle. I have tried so many saddles, but all seem to lose their comfort after the two hour mark, especially the lighter thinner types used on today’s higher end bikes. This SME3 Comp gets a carbon ultra-thin Y-flex shell and hollow Ti rails, covering is made from micro fibre and padding is made from multi-density foam. The channel down the middle of the saddle is called a relief channel, designed to cup your sit bones!

This version sports Ti rails and a carbon shell
This version sports Ti rails and a carbon shell

All models of SME3 saddles come in two widths, 135mm and 146mm, designed to suit the different riders width of sit bones. If you need to perch on the end of the saddle whilst sat up-front on a steep climb, there is great padding on there too, and the rounded edges make for a very comfy saddle to pedal on and maneuver about.


In conclusion the grips really do work well, I am very fussy about grips and find most too thick, preferring the narrower feel. These GE1 grips are thin where needed (top and bottom) and nicely fitted where they are slightly wider out towards the end of your fingers and the curve of your palm. In the wet they seem to have a better holding feel, due to them being shaped to the hand and your hand is so less able to twist. As for wear, they are wearing really well, with no signs of roughing up or going thin in any places, especially as they have taken some good spills already.

In conclusion with the saddle, it is one of the most comfortable I have used for long rides and just great to clean, as it has no cotton/type material bits to soak up water and act as a mud magnet.

135mm: 225g
146mm: 230g

Price: 109.99GBP

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Words and pictures: Jim Buchanan

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