Whether it’s summer or (like now) the start of winter, glasses can be an essential part of your riding kit, being a more usable item than that of the race goggles. I’ve been testing these Lazer Xenon glasses, with the onslaught of the shitty British winter encroaching.

Best to have the muck on your glasses than in your eyes
Best to have the muck on your glasses rather than in your eyes
Fit so comfy under your helmet
Fit so comfy under your helmet

These are really in the price range of a proper budget pair of specs, coming in at a very affordable 29.99GBP. Some all-singing all-dancing high-end glasses can claim to be anti-fog, but let me dispel that myth. On a dark cold wet night ride when you’re sweating and have no pace up a hill surrounded by wind stopping trees there really is no such thing as anti-fogging glasses!


So why pay the top dollar when at such a low cost you can have these great looking plastic sport glasses from Lazer. Features- Ultra-grip nose and temple pieces, so they stay put on your face.


for more information, check out www.lazersport.com

Words and pics Jim Buchanan

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