Trev has been using this Garmin Edge 500 for almost two years now and it has soldiered on through winter rains, been dropped, crashed into trees, and generally abused.

Das Garmin ist sehr vielseitig.
The Garmin was one thing to rely on.

As an ANT+ device, the Garmin Edge 500 communicates flawlessly with an HR monitor and power meter, allowing Trev to get nerdy with the numbers to his heart’s content. Trev was initially unimpressed with the accuracy when used with STRAVA, recording odd traces, but once he found out you can turn the sampling rate up to one-second intervals, it is now razor sharp. The display is highly customizable so Trev can choose what information is presented, which is perfect for monitoring training efforts. The accuracy seems best on open trails with good line of sight to the satellites, but it holds well under the trees.

Auch nach 2 Jahren zeigt es nur kleine Abnutzungserscheinigungen.
In two years time, it only took minor scratches.

As a navigation tool there are now much better devices on the market with online mapping, but as a tool for recording ride data, the Edge 500 is simple, robust, and has great battery life. Trev has combined it with a K Edge top cap mount to clean up the cockpit and keep the Garmin in a safe place.

Tester: Trevor
Price: € 150–200 (depending on options)
Test Duration: 2 Years

Words & Photos: Trevor Worsey

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