As an ex-mountain guide, Trev Worsey has spent more time than he cares to remember wearing a heavy pack, and now does everything he can to avoid them. Sod’s law dictates that you should never go riding without kit, so Trev was stoked to get hold of a RaceFace Stash Tank to carry the bare essentials.

Unter dem Jersey kann man die Essentials transportieren.
The Essentials can be carried under the Jersey.

For the last three months Trev has been riding, racing, and generally living in the clever vest. With three well-proportioned pockets and a holder for a 1.5 litre hydration bladder, the Stash Tank vest is worn under your normal riding jersey, providing just enough storage without being hot or bulky. The vest has ample space for storing a small mini pump, lightweight rain jacket, inner tube, and multi-tool, and provides maximum freedom when riding.

Auch eine Trinkblase findet Platz.
A hydration bladder has space in the back.

It’s not perfect though: it would have been nice to have at least one zippered pocket, as Trev lost a multi-tool when it jumped out on a tough section. Trev found that the hydration pocket is perfect for partly filled bladders, but if you carry too much the fabric will sag and you will feel like a hunchback. For racing, the Stash Tank is just awesome and after almost daily washing, the fabric and stitching is holding up great and the materials feel supportive, comfortable, and cool. You have to be careful what you carry though as there is no padding, and if you have something sharp or bulky in the pockets and you get a bit too wild you will have no protection.

Der Transport von spitzen Sachen in der Rücktasche sollte vermieden werden.
Transporting sharp or bulky items in the back pocket could get wild.

Tester: Trevor
Price: 79.99 €
Tested within:3 months

If you prefer a protector vest that has space for hydration and tools, the Alpinestars Paragon Vest might be a viable alternative.

Words & Photos: Trevor Worsey

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