The best tyres are those that can overcome a whole legion of scenarios, a claim that Schwalbe have heaped on their RockRazor. With their distinctive profile, we’ve put the tyres through several hundred kilometres of trails. Where are they best suited? Where are they most at home? Initially presented in issue #017, this is where to find out more on the RockRazor.

Wie viel "Allrounder" steckt im recht speziellen Profil des RockRazor? Wir haben es herausgefunden!
We’ve found out just how much of an ‘all-rounder’ is hidden within the distinctive profile of the RockRazor.

Ah, tires…every self-respecting racer’s nightmare! They’re too grippy to go uphill, or they can go uphill, but have no grip on the gnarly DH stuff, or they are light enough to rotate easily but their pathetic casing means they split at the slightest thought of a sharp rock! The Rock Razor is Schwalbe’s answer to that problem, addressing all but the muckiest of terrain. These Rock Razor Trailstar 27.5 Super Gravity tires (best used on the rear) seem to address lots of problems, they have a good rolling resistance, weigh in at 965g – and tackle rocks amazingly with their triple compound and aggressive side knobs. So far, our test rider has been mega-impressed with their lifespan and performance. Even with the lack of crown knobs it really is surprising how well these things slow the bike under braking without locking up. On the loose off-camber stuff they grip well too, as their more aggressive side knobs come into play. When hitting long, steep, slick straights (especially the types that are covered in wet roots) they will hit their limits of rear wheel grip, however, and the back end may become a bit wild and unpredictable!

Tester: Jim Buchanan
Duration: 3 months
Ridden km: 500
Price: 54,99 €

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