They’re here to ensure a constant and secure union between you and the bike, supposedly easy to use and long-lasting to boot. We’re talking about clipless pedals – more specifically, the Shimano XTR Trail pedals with SPDs that we’ve been using for almost two years. Do they deliver on their promises? First published in issue #017 of the mag, here’s a second chance to check out the review.

Stolze 159,95 € kosten die Shimano XTR Trail-Pedale. Ob sie dem hohen Preis gerecht wurden?
Retailing at a hefty 159.95€, are the Shimano XTR Trail pedals worth the investment?

For almost two years, Christoph has been defining the cadence of the Shimano XTR Trail pedals, and they’re still functioning brilliantly. There are signs of wear and tear on the pedal cage, but they’re no more than superficial. Other than a few visible scratches, there’s virtually no sign of intensive stone contact or heavy use in nasty weather conditions (both of which they have suffered). The bearings are still running smoothly, and clicking in and out hasn’t lost any definition. If you were looking for a complaint with these Shimano pedals, then it’d be purely in muddy conditions. Compared to its competitors, the clicking-in mech can get clogged up, and this naturally makes clipping in much harder. If you’re after a long-lasting, hassle-free pedal, these fit the role perfectly!

Tester: Christoph Bayer
Price: 159,95 €
Weight: 370 g
Length of testing: 2 years

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