Release your inner superhero, Thirty7even have released a new clothing line that will bring some kick-ass to your riding.


Heaven and earth, mind and matter, heart and soul – Made by racers. Jerseys and shorts which go beyond ordinary bikewear: they are the bond between earthly world and divinity. Your blood is pulsating. You can feel it. Rise out of the masses and save yourself from the swamp of uniformity. Join the league of the supernatural racers!


Your new #T7N Bikewear Kit is out ready. You slip it over. The transformation begins. You can feel it. You can live it. Feel the boiling blood pulsating through your body. You become one with yourself. The unification of mind and soul has begun.


The earthly merges to the divinely. You raise. The fog lifts as your transformation completes. Enter race mode.


Do you want to experience it? Merge your body and soul to become a race machine.

Find out all the new designs and order them exclusively at!


Words: Thirty7even PR | Photos: Hanni Rinn, Boris Beyer, Bensenpictures

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