Up until now Cratoni have had the sole reputation for creating rather conservative-looking XC helmets, so imagine our excitement when we stumbled across their stand at BIKE in Riva. Enter the AllTrack, an innovative half-shell helmet specifically designed for enduro. Naturally, we weren’t going to miss the opportunity to get our hands on one of these brainy designs. Over the last few weeks we’ve tested it come rain or shine, and here are the results:

Der Cratoni AllTrack stach uns mit seiner auffälligen Optik und dem fairen Preis von 149,95 € sofort ins Auge.
The Cratoni AllTrack immediately caught our eye; not only does it look good but it comes at the very decent price of 149.95 €.

First impression

You can’t fail to notice the very competitive weight of the Cratoni AllTrack once it’s in your hand. Weighing in around 350g, it has an impressive weight considering the vast surface area it protects. Not at all subtle, the helmet is bright and comes with a distinctive visor, which has just two attachments. There’s also space just behind the visor to mount a cam or head torch, and the 17 vents should guarantee good airflow.

Das Verstellsystem sitzt tief am Kopf und funktioniert einfach und effektiv.
Sitting low on the back of your head, the adjustment system is simple and effective.
Der leicht zu bedienende Helmverschluss zeigt, wie praxisorientiert der AllTrack ausgerichtet ist.
Nice and easy, the functional clasp is testament to the race-ready nature of this helmet.

The fit

Thanks to the Light Fit System, the helmet fitted perfectly from the get-go. Sitting just below your skull bone, the adjustment system is low at the back of your head and surrounds it completely. The AllTrack’s adjustment is finely tiered, rendering it a viable helmet for all of the various head sizes in our editorial office. For further fine-tuning, the helmet comes with three cushioned inners of various thicknesses.

An dieser Aufnahme lässt sich eine Actioncam oder eine Helmlampe befestigen.
Attach a cam or head torch to this mount.
Das Light Fit System kann auch innerhalb des Helmes noch umgehängt werden.
The Light Fit System can also be adjusted inside the helmet.

Drawn down low over the sides of the head, the AllTrack also offers protection to your temples. At the back, the shell finishes higher appears at first glance, due to the lowness of the adjustment system. The plastic does drop further than regular XC helmets in this case.

Für perfekten Sitz liegen dem Helm drei Polstersets in verschiedener Dicke bei.
The helmet comes with three cushioned inners to ensure the perfect fit and comfort.

On the trail

The knowledge and experience that have gone into the AllTrack’s adjustment system are irrefutable, even before you start riding. Nestled at the back of your had, the system – and the clash under your chin too – are easily adjusted with gloves on and the distinct absence of fumbling is appreciated.

Der Helm ist in der Nackenregion nicht ganz so weit heruntergezogen, wie es das tief sitzende Verstellsystem vermuten lässt.
The helmet looks deceptively like it drops further down your head, but this is due to the positioning of the adjustment system.

Add goggles to the mix and the AllTrack impresses once more. With several clever details, it has certainly been designed to suit both goggled and non-goggled riders. A hook at the back keeps the strap of the goggles in place and the goggles slot tidily around the front of the helmet. What’s more, the visor has been constructed so that the goggles also slot nicely underneath it when raised – very practical for short, nasty climbs and backpack-less riders.

Der Helm ist genau so designt, dass er mit Goggles perfekt abschließt.
Designed as though it was made for goggles – oh wait, it was?

While this option for rapid goggle-removal is an appreciated one, the action does result in the blockage of five large air vents. Hindering airflow around the head, this naturally impacts on ventilation, but we didn’t encounter any major negative effects from this during our testing. And even if ventilation did suffer somewhat, we were far from overheating even during thankless climbs.

Das Visier lässt sich leicht oben fixieren, sodass die Goggle darunter geschoben werden kann - perfekt zum Bergauffahren.
Perfect for climbing – the visor can simply be fixed on the top of the helmet and the goggles below it.

Once on and fitted to your skull, the AllTrack stays firmly in place no matter how bumpy the route or how fast you tear up the trail. This is a result of their reliable and effective Light Fit System.

Vor allem in Kombination mit einer Goggle überzeugt der Cratoni AllTrack im Praxiseinsatz.
Particularly taken with the Cratoni AllTrack when combined with goggles.


With the AllTrack, Cratoni have succeeded in breaking into the market for enduro-specific open-faced helmets. Against hot competition, the AllTrack can hold its own. Well-ventilated, lightweight and with clever details, this is a helmet that definitely offers value for money, and it’s particularly suited for riders who rarely leave home without their goggles.


  • Price: 149,95 €
  • Weight: 355 g (Size S/M)
  • Sizes: S/M (54 – 58 cm), L/XL (58 – 62 cm)
  • Colours: Black-Anthracite, Blue-Lime, Red-Black, White-Yellow

For more information visit cratoni.de.

Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Christoph Bayer, Klaus Kneist

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