I can’t tell you how many times over the past few weeks I’ve been asked just what is that on my bars. And I kept answering: “it’s a display that shows me all the data about my ride from my smartphone.’ Now here are the finer details.

Sorgte häufig für Aufsehen – das 129 € teure Wahoo RFLKT+ Display.
A bit of attention grabber – the 129 € Wahoo RFLKT+ bike computer.

Nope, the RFLKT+ isn’t a speedometre. Or at least, not in the classical sense. It’s a computer that links to your smartphone via Bluetooth and presents you, the rider, with all the crucial riding stats. Your expensive phone essentially works as a data hub and can be safely stored away in your backpack.

Alongside the free app from Wahoo, the RFLKT+ computer has an impressive range of functions, including the vertical metres you’ve already knocked off behind you, your current pace, time, average pace, the phone’s battery life, the actual time, temperature and many more features that you value on a speedometer. If you’re in possession of a Bluetooth-compatible heart rate monitor, then the computer can also keep you in the loop with your current heart rate, as well as your maximum and average rates. Furthermore, the RFLKT+ can display the information from the GPS app, ‘Ride with GPS’. With four buttons on the side, you can start, pause and end your ride, flick through music on your phone, and adjust the volume in your headphones. Just like the computer’s screen, the individual buttons can be configured via the Wahoo App to perform the desired functions.

Auf dem kleinen Display lassen sich über mehrere Seiten alle wichtigen Informationen ablesen. Der abgebildete Pulsgurt kostet aber extra und ist nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.
On the small computer, all of the important info can be displayed on multiple screens. The heart rate monitor belt is an additional purchase and doesn’t come with the computer.
Die Idee: Das Display am Lenker, das Handy gut geschützt im Rucksack.
The idea is to keep your phone safely tucked away in your backpack while the computer tells you all you need to know.

There were three factors that we were particularly impressed with when it came to the RFLKT+, namely the simple and reliable way it works, the ease of linking it to our smartphones as well as the readability of the info on the computer screen. Wahoo have specified the lifespan of the internal battery as up to 12 months, but the computer unfortunately doesn’t give any indication of this. After six months of use though, ours is still working perfectly.

Über die eigene Wahoo Fitness-App kann das Display frei konfiguriert werden.
The computer can be freely configured on the Wahoo fitness app.

Alongside Wahoo’s own app, the computer can be paired with several other apps, including Strava, Map My Ride, Cyclemeter GPS and Ride with GPS. But if you are using these other apps, then you won’t have such free choice over what is displayed on the computer. As we used the computer solely to display important info rather than as a GPS, we almost exclusively used the Wahoo fitness app and then exported the data to Strava after the ride – a method that worked without a hitch.

Auch die wichtigsten Strava-Informationen lassen sich direkt anzeigen. Leider werden jedoch keine Segmente dargestellt.
The most important Strava stats can be shown directly, but don’t expect any segments to be presented unfortunately.

During our testing we’ve been consistently pleased with this little computer. However, we have noticed one slight area of weakness – it only supports the iPhone’s own music app, songs from Spotify etc can’t be shown or played back. This is a factor that could upset a few riders, but actually made us pretty happy.

Die im Lieferumfang enthaltene Halterung ist etwas wackelig. Wahoo bietet jedoch optional eine robustere Version an.
The mount that comes with the computer is a bit rickety, but Wahoo do offer a more robust version.

The facts:

  • Size: 40,6 mm x 12,7 mm x 61 mm
  • Weight: 37 g (without mount)
  • Fixing: various bar mounts available
  • Battery type: CR2450
  • Battery life: up to 12 months
  • Compatible phones: Iphone 4s und neuer / List of compatible Android phones can be found HIER
  • Preis: 129 €


At first glance, dishing out 129€ for a small computer that just gives you some information does seem a bit steep. But have a proper think about just how many functions the RFLKT+ really has, and what a similar speedometer or GPS would cost, and we’re sure you’ll agree that as far as value for money goes, it isn’t a bad deal. We’re certainly not going to ride without this handy computer on our test bikes in future. If you can sacrifice the thermometer and altitude gauge, then the simple RFLKT shaves off 30€ from the price.

For more information head to: wahoofitness.com

Text & Bilder: Christoph Bayer

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