The SRAM powered Superenduro series heads to Varazze in the Luguria region for the first time. What we can expect: Four stages running between the sea and mountains and a lot of surprises. Here are a few more details about the event directly from the Superenduro race organizers:

On the 7th and 8th May Superenduro powered by SRAM goes to Liguria, or – better – to Varazze, where the second round of the 2016 season will kick off.
The resort is well known for its beach tourism and for being one of the best spots in Italy for good surfing. However, just a few kilometers inland it hides some of the most beautiful mountains in the region, well preserved by belonging to the largest protected area of Liguria, the Monte Beigua Geopark.
For its beauty and unique nature, from November 2015 this area has been recognized as a UNESCO geological heritage site and it has been included in the prestigious network of UNESCO Global Geoparks.

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It is indeed a very important resource for the region and for the local riders, especially for the crews of “Beigua Insane Tribù” [Beigua Insane Tribe] and “Quelli che pedalano alle falde del Beigua” [Those who ride the slopes of Beigua]. During the last years – quite a few now – they have been working non-stop to maintain and repair the trails that from an elevation of 1000 m drop to the sea, passing across forests of conifers, beeches and chestnut trees in the mountain sectors, down to Mediterranean scrub in the more coastal areas.

“Superenduro is the best event we could ever host.” says Marco D’Aliesio, President of Vaze Free Time, “It allows us to showcase our territory to the full: from the coast, by hosting the paddock area by the sea in Varazze, to the mountains and their unique settings, where the start lines of the Special Stages are going to be. This is our strength and this is what we want Superenduro’s people to experience first hand.”


Varazze Superenduro powered by SRAM is going to be a tough race from different points of view. Four Special Stages, a total racing distance of 47 km and an elevation gain/drop of 1850 m. Many riders do know the Ligurian terrain and its challenges. Throughout a single day of racing they will ride across totally different landscapes and, most of all, their wheels will roll over every possible kind of terrain. From the soft, shady and loamy grounds of grasslands and mountain woods, down to the unique rocky and dry sections of the coast, with technical passages very characteristic of this region.

Because of the variety and diversity of terrains that the riders will face within the same racing day, the bike setup, tyre choice, will be critical to bring home a good result, as much as the strategy and control over their energy level.


There are several local riders who are on form right now, not least the fresh Italian Champions Laura Rossin and Vittorio Gambirasio and we would like to get the chance of congratulating them again. Perhaps here in Varazze, between sea and mountains, on a racing ground so different from those of Massa Marittima and Sestri Levante, we will see some new players showing up into the game.
The first dates to write down on the calendar are the 29th and 30th April, the weekend before the race day, and the 1st May, when the race course will be announced and we will get the first feedback from the riders.


But, really, to know how all of this will turn out, we need to wait until the 7th and 8th May, when another amazing round of the 2016 Superenduro powered by SRAM will kick off.

Here all the race info on the race document and here the link for registration.

Words and Photos: Superenduro PR

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