Can you freeride a fatbike? Rocky Mountain, Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simons, and Brett Tippie think so:


The Video

Rocky about the Video: We have to admit, we were hesitant about the fat bike trend that’s taking the bike industry by storm (pun intended). There were definitely a few raised eyebrows in the office when we started designing and testing one.

The Rocky Mountain Blizzard
The Rocky Mountain Blizzard

Wade Simmons was an instant convert though; “everyone thinks they’re so f*cking cool and serious, but It’s really just about having fun on your bike anyway.” And soon enough, the other guys stopped returning their test bikes on time.


FAT FREE came out of a few days of experimenting and shredding the Blizzard in BC’s coastal mountains. It opened all our eyes to the spectacular terrain that’s available for fat biking, and it proved to us that the only limitations for these bikes are our own preconceived notions.

If it was ever even a question, the answer is yes. You can and should freeride a fat bike.

Photo Gallery:

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Words: Rocky Mountain PR Photos: Fraser Vaage & Brian Park

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