The latest installment of Smith Optic’s epic ‘Life Beyond Walls’ series sees Smith athletes Rosara Joseph, Sarah Rawley, and Liz Cunningham venture into Oregon’s wilderness for 4 days of incredible riding.

Life Beyond Walls: Trans-Cascadia

With only their bikes, gear and tents, Smith riders Rosara Joseph, Sarah Rawley, and Liz Cunningham embark on a unique backcountry mountain bike experience in the misty mountains surrounding Oakridge, Oregon. Unfolding over four days with 21 races stages and 32,000ft of descending on unknown trails, the riders discover the magic that comes from venturing into the unknown with your closest friends and fellow competitors. This was the inaugural Trans-Cascadia Enduro. The Experience is everything.

SMITH_LBW_TransCascadia_1 SMITH_LBW_TransCascadia_2 SMITH_LBW_TransCascadia_3 SMITH_LBW_TransCascadia_4

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Words & Photos: Smith Optics

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