With perfect riding conditions year round, Mexico is a true paradise for MTB enthusiasts. The edit and photographs below document the Bike Logistics/Transition Bike team’s “mid-winter” road trip to Mexico’s crown jewel, Oaxaca, to ride the millenial single track.


Oaxaca photo journal – Oaxaca is located 5 and half hours south of Mexico City, and the trip down there is breathtaking.

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Sometimes it’s the unplanned events that lead to precious moments that otherwise may have been missed. Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere didn’t turn out so badly… not with these sunsets! The right company definitely helps too!


Life in the high Northern Oaxacan Sierra is pretty much as mellow and magical as it can be. Days start with mystical fog and end with beautiful sunsets. Nights full of stars, friends and beers make for perfect, unforgettable moments. Knowing that there is a full day of riding ahead is just the icing on the cake.

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Oaxaca is all about colours and textures, be it in the food or in the trails. It is well known for having one of the most varied cuisines in all Mexico. You can find all type of terrain conditions in one single ride.

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The trails in Oaxaca are mainly millenial singletracks, used hundreds of years ago by prehispanic civilizations to connect ancient towns. Nowadays they’re raw, natural, breathtaking singletrack trails, and definitely some of the best we’ve ridden.

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The terrain and climate variation in Oaxaca’s trails are truly amazing, most of them starting high in the Sierra’s forest, and descending into the arid valleys surrounding Oaxaca.

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There are very few things better than popping some post-ride cold beers with your bro’s in a “tiendita”, Mexico’s traditional little town stores. But maybe one of those few things is realizing that this is our way of life… our lifestyle.


If you want to ride Oaxaca’s epic trails or plan a riding trip to México contact Mauricio De Avila, Bici y Montaña /deavila.gotes@gmail.com

Video: Gerardo Flores Photos: Nicolas Switalski & Roberto del Río Words: Mauricio De Avila & Nico Switalski.

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