Months of testing, analysis and improvements – this is how new bikes are born in the factories of the Polish bicycle manufacturer Kross. In the company offices, located in Przasnysz, members of the R&D team are diligently working on bike designs. Now we can finally meet them in person in a new video production.

In this short video, viewers will peek straight into the heart of the production process, where the designers and engineers are working on creating the best possible design. The prototype bike designs are printed on a 3D printer and analyzed thoroughly in the lab. This is where the first improvements are made, and any rough edges of the design are spotted and eliminated. Kross bikes are at challenging conditions, which is why the bikes are subjected rigorous stress tests. Finally, it is time for a test run. Both experienced rides and the employees of the R&D team check how the bike behaves on woodland paths or steep inclines.

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We are constantly looking for opportunities to innovate. We want our bikes to conform to the most stringent standards, but above all, they should be safe and reliable. This process is full of trial and error, but ultimately we achieve our goal. This is how we developed our proprietary Revo Virtual Suspension – says Michał Szlachetka, Kross R&D manager.

Kross is the leading manufacturer of bicycles in Poland, and one of the few domestic companies to possess its own testing laboratory and a dedicated team of personnel tasked solely with the development of innovative products for its brand. Kross bikes are being sold in 32 countries all over the globe.

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The company specializes in MTBs, but last year marked the launch of Kross’s first enduro bicycle — the Moon series. The new model was fitted with the proprietary Revo Virtual Suspension. The company continues to broaden its offering for extreme riders, showcasing a 2015 collection, which includes new Moon bike models with 27,5″ wheels. To see how this, and many other bikes are made, watch the new video released by KROSS.

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