It’s two-and-a-half weeks since the end of Mavic Trans-Provence 2014, another classic which packed so many sweet memories. François Bailly-Maître (pro men) and Ines Thoma (pro women) were our overall winners, but there was a tangible sense of general “winning” throughout a week where our journey of gravity rallying was more important than our destination.

If you didn’t catch all of the daily coverage, or if you want to relive the adventure, the suffering, the elation, the epic ridgelines filmed from the sky, and the crazy Alpine trails which this year’s journey took in, just sit back and enjoy the week packed into these five golden minutes of highlights reel.


In an unprecedented major date change, the 2015 (7th) edition of Mavic Trans-Provence will take place 3 months earlier than previously, in the week of 20-27 June 2015.


Operating during the longest and brightest days of the year, our journey will break considerable new ground in 2015. New zones and awesome fresh trails will be unlocked thanks to a different start point and a huge re-route in Days 1 thru 3. To sum up, we’re lining up an itinerary which is more Alpine, passing through higher mountains, and containing considerably more descending than ever before… and all for no more on-bike ascending than usual. But it’s not exactly going to be easy is it?…it is Trans-Provence, afterall.


Entry application for Mavic Trans-Provence 2015 will take place this November 1st. If you’re interested in taking part next June, visit the Trans-Provence website where you’ll find information about the race package, plus instructions on how to compile and register your application:

Words & Pictures: PR Mavic Trans-Provence

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