It was May 2014 and something amazing had happened, the Santa Cruz / Sweet Protection Enduro World Series round in Scotland had redefined the way our sport is presented. The Tweedlove team had just showed the world how to bring Enduro to a community, uniting riders from all generations and inspiring a new one.

The Tweedlove team took the EWS far beyond a race, it was a spectacle, a phenomenon – the hub of a bustling festival that attracted riders and spectators from all over the world. While racers fought for seconds under the Larch and Pine, the woods rang out with shouts of encouragement from the excited spectators lining the stages. As new champions descended down from the podium and exchanged their final high-fives the Valley grew quiet once again – an entire years work of planning and organising was over in a weekend, but luckily the TV crew from the Cycle Show were there to catch some of the action.

So pop the kettle on and sit back to enjoy five minutes of what makes our sport so great.

TWEEDLOVE from CenturyTV on Vimeo.

For more information about Tweedlove, check out their website

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