The first part in a series where Santa Cruz rider Jordi Bago travels to the Canary islands to explore the riding and culture. Fuerteventura was top of the lift:

Fuerteventura is one of the islands well know for surf, it was the first time I had traveled to this place and I got a great surprise about the island and the possibilities that Fuerteventura has to offer for riding bikes with many trails around the island! Fuerteventura is completely treeless and full of volcanos, with really nice single trails all over the island, some close to the ocean, and of course with really nice views over the coast and the majestic mountains with different colors of dirt.

7islands-7reason-Fuerteventura01 7islands-7reason-Fuerteventura02

Some of these tracks were amazing little trails between the great landscape! All the trails are marked but you can also find many of the trails on the app anywhere, I’ve been tracking them so that all the visitors that come to visit the island can find them easily and see the terrain details.

7islands-7reason-Fuerteventura05 7islands-7reason-Fuerteventura04

You have two ways to travel to Fuerteventura by, one is by plane and the other like us, is with the ferry together with Fred Olsend. Which also allowed us to ride directly onto the ferry with our bike, it also has really good prices and arrives into Morro Jabel!

On the south of the island in the Corralejo area, we could see the island of Lanzarote and also you could find some nice trails between the big volcanos. You can even ride some of them on the edge and of course with a really warm climate like all the Canary islands.


Riding on the Fuerteventura terrain with dust and hardpack as well as many rocks and some of them will even be volcano gravel that will make everyone prove their skills on these trails! The island’s terrain suits enduro bikes well I was using my 5010 which was a really good choice! I really enjoyed the time there and I will definitely come back!!

I was really surprised about the beauty of the place with some of the trails that take us into the middle of the island! It is a perfect riding destination with really friendly people and many options for hotels and apartments.

Words: Jordi Bago Photos: Argibay Photography

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