The air is burning and dusty- dry, the ground a weird mix of rocks and sand. The semi-desert Bardenas Reales is located just an hour south of Pamplona, the notorious home of the torero.

Not the typical spot one would expect to see bikers, but appealing in its own special way. Looking at the images inevitably one feels reminded of the Rampage – the shape of the terrain, the chromaticity seem to speak the same direction as the ‘madness’ happening in Utah, but with a unique character.


Guido – honestly, did you take a wrong turn off the the way of St. James?
Exactly – I am off then ;O))) – I´ve seen some footage about it and was searching myself online to get some more information. I was fascinated by this natural spectacle, which reminded me of the lunar landscape and didn´t let me go again.
Of course I was all in when Hoshi Yoshida was telling me about the idea for that shooting.

At first sight the images look like ‘Mini-Rampage’. You´re the only German who ever took part in the Rampage. Tell us a bit about your experience at first hand – anything in common between both spots?
At first sight yes – but the nature of the ground in Bardenas is not as dusty and soft as in Utah. The ground at least at that time was rather meager and crusted. Meanwhile, in the forefront of the Rampage there´s also a lot of shaping and preparation going on. All the jumps, drops etc do not really reflect pure nature anymore. Bardenas Reales bikewise is more or less untouched. I like that a lot.


Despite the demanding climate you seemed to have a lot of fun. Would you stop by again while touring through Spain with your camper?
Tell me about it! What I was definitely missing was shade. Other than ‘buffalo grass’ you cannot really find trees for a bit of cooling during the extremely hot midday hours.
On top, one also needs to get used to the military base. Fighter jets flying by, bombs exploding so close and making you jump is not everybody´s favorite. But to answer your question: Of course I´d stop by again.
The area is unique in Europe. You just get out of the city and you´re in the middle of a desert. You need to see it for yourself.


Sounds like that, Guido. Tell us a bit about the future, what´s next?
Last week I successfully hosted the SHIMANO X-Mas Jam again, so first and foremost I am looking forward to enjoying Christmas with my family as the last few months have been very intense. But of course I am looking forward to next season.
>From January onwards I am working with my new partner and main sponsor Haibike. The first project with the new bike will be Adrian Kieners’ Greenhouse Event (Link), after that I am going to La Palma – for training and photo-shooting.
Many new things and projects…

Thank you Guido for your time and enjoy the days with the family.

Roll it!

Words & Photos: SR Suntour PR

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