Those who stay true to their beliefs, those who aren’t swayed by their peers, and those who stand up for their ideals; they’re the ones implied by the Polish company NS Bikes’ motto of “Stay True!” This is not just emblazoned across their website, but also written multiple times on their products. Their new enduro bike, the Snabb, is the embodiment of this phrase, as it pitches itself as a simple, effective, and well-functioning bike. But is that really the case? Check out the original article in Issue #016 or read on below!

Das NS Snabb E1 für 3799€.
The NS Snabb E1 comes in at 3.799€.

First off, NS definitely achieved their first objective of keeping the Snabb simple! The aluminum frame appears robust, coming complete with everything you’d expect from a decent enduro bike and using a classic Horst-link design. The Poles clearly haven’t gone in for any experimentation here, staying true to what works.

Zugegeben: Wir sind Fans von der Optik des NS Snabb E1 mit seiner neongrün-weißen Lackierung! Zusammen mit der Graphics schreit das Bike nach Punkrock!
OK, hands up, we’re pretty taken by the look of the NS Snabb E1. Its neon-green/white paint job has a certain charm, and combined with its graphics the bike just screams punk!

So far, so good. The bike is definitely eye-catching, thanks to its vibrant neon-green and white paint, which blends together just as well as the main frame does to the rear triangle. Together with the rocker and seat stay, the top tube forms an almost intact line, tidily housing the internal cables and making the Snabb look striking. Their second objective was to create a ‘nice’-looking bike – damn, we think they nailed it.

Der 1x10-Antrieb erledigt Gangwechsel zuverlässig, aber nicht sonderlich präzise und wirkt für den Preis von 3.799 € nicht angemessen. Dennoch sind wir uns einig: lieber so als 2x10!
Gear changes might be reliable thanks to the 1×10 drivetrain, but they’re not particularly precise and don’t live up to the 3,799€ price. But, we’d still choose it over a 2×10!
Die verbaute X-Fusion Strate-Teleskopsattelstütze bietet einen großen Verstellbereich von 150 mm, neigte in unserem Test aber immer wieder dazu, entweder von selbst wenige Millimeter ein- oder auszufahren und konnte die Tester so nicht überzeugen.
The stock X-Fusion Hilo Strate dropper has huge adjustment (150mm), but had a tendency to budge a few extra millimetres once you’d set it – and this naturally left our test rider more than a little dissatisfied.
Das NS-eigene Cockpit passt gut ins Gesamtbild des Bikes und überzeugt mit einer angenehmen Breite und Länge. Aufgrund fehlender Markierungen am Lenker erfordert das Setup aber einiges an Geduld.
The cockpit, designed by NS themselves, suits the whole bike and we’re fans of its length and width. The setup takes a while due to a lack of markings on the bars to assist.

Now only the third and most important objective remains: functionality. At first glance it seems as though NS have understood exactly what’s needed to hammer out some decent trail riding. Along with keeping the geometry slack, long, and aggressive, the bike’s spec is more than cohesive. No frills, no contrivances: the Poles have exclusively built the Snabb with robust, reliable, and good-value parts. As we started the test, everything was working perfectly – but it just wasn’t getting us sweaty with excitement. For the admittedly rather steep price of € 3,799, we would have liked to have seen a few more high-quality components.

Der RockShox Monarch-Dämpfer erledigt einen hervorragenden Job im Hinterbau des NS Snabb. Er spricht sehr feinfühlig an, nimmt Unebenheiten sauber auf und beweist auch bei harten Schlägen ausreichend Reserven.
The RockShox Monarch shock is a huge asset to the rear of the NS Snabb. Sensitive and shock-absorbing, it also keeps more than enough in reserve for those bigger bumps.

But, enough theory, let’s take this bike out! From the very first pedal stroke, we love it, feeling right at home as though it’s a bike we’ve ridden for years. Why’s that? Well, when it comes to the geometry, NS have again done little experimenting, sticking to what works, and have sized the frame along industry standards. Neither the head angle, top tube length, wheelbase, nor chainstay lengths could be considered in any way ‘extreme.’ If you were after the median of all the current geometry setups for enduro bikes, then the NS Snabb E1 would make the perfect choice – and we don’t mean that negatively at all!
While you’re unlikely to smash any KOMs or QOMs when climbing on the Snabb, for a 160mm-travel bike it’s not too shabby uphill. You sit low and centrally, and – despite having a somewhat tall front end – the front tyre claws its way up steep terrain with ease. Once you activate the RockShox Monarch shock’s platform damping, the rear is noticeably firmed, and generates – thanks to the low tread profile Schwalbe Rock Razor back tyre – masses of propulsion. We encountered tons of never-ending tarmac climbs heading up from Lake Garda, where we tested the bike, and we were more than thankful for its climbing abilities.

Right from the start, the Snabb E1 wants to be ridden fast.

The Snabb E1 descends much it like climbs; everything seems familiar, so you’re inclined to give full gas from the get-go. When it comes to downhills, this bike is certainly a contender. The suspension works as efficiently as you’d expect from RockShox, pleasantly progressive and able to soak up all sorts of chatter, hard impacts, non-stop bangs, or one-off big hits. As a rider, you tend to steer the Snabb from the rear (perhaps due to the tall front), but this ensures masses of stability when it gets steep. We’ve got to admit, however, that the Snabb isn’t quite as at home with any slight loss of momentum and urge to accelerate – it is too sensible to be a little nipper.

When things get steep, the high front inspires confidence.


NS have stayed true to their principles by not promising the world, and the Snabb E1 embodies an genuine enduro bike, perfectly suited and sized for that discipline. Technical trails are its calling, but with its slightly steep 3,799€ price, its spec does have some weaknesses.


  • calm and stable handling
  • comfortable geometry
  • cool look
  • stiff suspension


  • value for money
  • the more affordable components spoil the overall bike

Weight: 13,75 kg

You can find more information at

Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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