Whether it’s a funky jeans/shirt combo or a race kit, fashion and style have long become an integral part of cycling culture. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to splash out a ton of money on expensive, trendy brands. Many bike manufacturers have their own functional clothing range, which includes far more than just fanboy’s merchandise.

Trail centres have become a little bit like catwalks lately. While cycle-specific clothing brands like Fox, Troy Lee and co. might not be as expensive as Louis Vuitton (yet), manufacturers certainly don’t hold back when it comes to charging for their swag. In our latest style guide we analysed all the different style types you can find on the trails – maybe you’ll recognise some of them ;) Functional clothing can radically improve your riding experience, especially when it’s made from the right materials and with a comfortable cut. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to splash out a ton of money on trendy brands, which tend to be sinfully expensive. Over the past few years, increasingly more bike manufacturers have created their own clothing lines, which include way more than just your typical cotton t-shirt with the brand’s logo. Instead, the brands focus on producing bike-specific riding gear with functional materials and comfortable cuts. Some manufacturers have even created a dedicated clothing brand with a different trade name that separates it from their bike products.

The most exciting functional clothing from bike manufacturers

We’ll tell you which manufacturers offer what, how big the choice is and how much money you’ll need! Sometimes there’s far more to discover than your bog-standard jersey.

Brand Ridewear Shoes Helmets Protectors Assortment Price
Canyon X big mid
CUBE X X X X big cheap
Nukeproof X X mid cheap
Propain X small mid
Scott X X X X big cheap – mid
Specialized X X X X big cheap
Trek X X X High End cheap
Yeti X small High End
YT X small cheap


If you’ve never heard of Canyon, you must have been hiding under a rock for the past two decades. The German mail order brand is known for offering high-performance bikes at a very reasonable price – and it’s a similar story for their mountain bike clothing. Their gear has top notch performance and in terms of price, Canyon stand in the midfield in this review. The German manufacturer offers a wide selection of in-house products but also collaborates with external brands: ABUS supply their helmets, NINEYARD their clothing and Five Ten takes care of the footwear. The product range also includes the CLLCTV line, which makes you look just like one of Canyon’s team riders on the trail. The clothing range includes shorts, bib shorts, cycling shoes, jackets & vests, as well as cycling glasses and other accessories. As you can see, the choice is massive! Canyon’s most affordable short-sleeved jersey retails for € 40 while their cheapest shorts go for € 80.


CUBE is a huge brand with a massive product range. Although their mountain bikes are often material for heated discussions in specialist circles, their clothing leaves very little room for criticism. While most of their outfits look rather plain, some of their jerseys really pop. The purple, long-sleeved CUBE Vertex jersey, for example, is a real head turner! CUBE have a massive selection of functional clothing, as well as riding accessories like shoes, helmets and protectors. They also offer a vast range of backpacks, while their in-house ACID brand produces bike panniers, locks and much more. CUBE’s cheapest short-sleeved jersey costs € 40, while the cheapest shorts set you back € 50.


Nukeproof’s clothing range isn’t as huge but includes pretty much everything from base layers to bib shorts and gloves. You can also get knee and elbow pads with Nukeproof’s radiation logo. Their knee pads retail at a very reasonable € 51, and the only basic equipment missing from their portfolio are helmets and shoes. The cheapest short-sleeved jersey retails at € 35,00 while the cheapest shorts cost € 80. Moreover, Nukeproof offer a wide range of bike components, including Sam Hill’s signature Pro pedals, which you can find in our latest pedal group test.


Alongside their casual clothing line, German mail order brand Propain also has a bike wear range. However, this is rather small and limited to two jerseys, a pair of men’s trousers and one for women – and there’s not much choice of colours either. In a nutshell, Propain’s MTB clothing range isn’t anywhere near as extensive as their online configurator. In return, the German manufacturer offers a cool range of casual clothing, including flannel shirts, t-shirts and caps. Their cheapest short-sleeve jersey costs € 64, while the most affordable pair of shorts retails at € 115.


Swiss brand SCOTT has produced a wide range of outdoor sports equipment for nearly three decades. Their portfolio is huge and includes both hard and soft goods for various sports disciplines, from skiing to running all the way to mountain biking. If you wanted, you could easily dress in SCOTT’s wear from head to toe. They even make their own riding glasses, goggles and all sorts of protectors for mountain biking. SCOTT cater to several price segments, with their cheapest short-sleeved jersey selling at € 40 and the cheapest shorts for € 60.


Not only does the Californian bike colossus have its own clothing line, but also produces countless components in-house, from wheelsets to cockpits and tires. Their choice of bike specific clothing is just as massive as the brand itself. Trail riders can shop to their hearts’ content in Specialized’s online store, which offers a massive selection of swag, shoes, helmets and even protectors. In our opinion, however, their knee pads are too thin for full-on enduro riding. The fashionistas amongst us will be glad to hear about Specialized’s collaboration with Fjällräven, which gave birth to a unique collection of functional gear for urban explorers and bikepackers alike. The cheapest short-sleeved jersey costs € 30, while the most affordable shorts set you back € 60.


Trek also offer a wide range of bike wear, but the lion’s share of their portfolio is aimed at XC and road cyclists. However, mountain bikers don’t walk away empty handed either, with a very decent range of products to choose from. Trek’s subsidiary brand Bontrager also produces countless components and accessories, from shoes and helmets to wheels and tires. The cheapest short-sleeved jersey is available for € 30, the cheapest shorts for € 100.


Premium bike brand Yeti also has its own line of MTB clothing. While their ridewear portfolio isn’t huge, you can easily put together a very decent basic MTB kit. Their selection of casual wear is about as big as their line of functional clothing. So if you want to buy a nice t-shirt or hoodie, Yeti has your back! The cheapest short-sleeved jersey retails for € 68, the cheapest shorts cost € 78.

YT Industries

YT Industries jumped on the apparel wagon in 2022 and are currently offering a limited selection of long- and short-sleeved jerseys. To be precise, you can choose from 4 long-sleeved and 2 short-sleeved shirts, which all rely on a rather discreet, understated colour scheme. On the other hand, YT offer a wide range of casual wear with their distinctive graphics. One of them is the Pyramid Tee, which has a blue-purple pyramid print on the chest. The cheapest short-sleeved jersey costs € 40.

Our take on bike manufacturer’s clothing

Bike manufacturers’ clothing is more than just fanboy merchandise, with many brands offering a huge range of functional bike gear. Some brands even make their own shoes, helmets and pads. In a nutshell, if you want to look stylish on the trail, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on the fancy brands, with many bike brands offering a very decent alternative.

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Words: Philip Grünewald Photos: Mike Hunger, Peter Walker